Storage Issues: Learn the Easiest Hacks for Bedroom Storage

Doing more with the less stuff is the core idea of designing any space, be it your bedroom, living space or the dining arena. But, we often get so accustomed with the existing pieces of furniture and the way they are arranged, that our perception of a room’s architecture becomes limited. And, hardly can we locate the strategic storage spaces, which would have otherwise increased the functionality of the home. When it comes to bedroom, the shortage of storage space poses the biggest problem. But, a little structural makeover can get you some great storage space without compromising on the room’s aesthetics.

Finding out hidden storage space is quite a tricky job. But, if you are creative enough, you can easily spruce up a tiny space with an aesthetic storage utility. So, before you are stuck up with storage dilemma, look at these quick tips to utilize space efficiently.

Top of the closets

One of the most underutilized space in every bedroom is the top of the closets. Most of the time, closets are likely to offer 3-6 feet of vertical storage space on the top. Although a walk-in closet comes with better options, the standalone closets can also be functional in their own way. You might have noticed that even after stuffing the box and bars in a walk-in closet, a considerable amount of space is left out which we are reluctant to use . You can easily use this place to store small items. You can also utilize the vertical space in the separate closets. The flat, vacuum-sealed storage bags offer ideal storage solution for your extra blankets and pillows.

Under the Bed

We often overlook using this space, but if used properly, the space under the bed can serve as a great storage utility. Many people are apprehensive of storing things under the bed as they get too dusty there. But, there are some easy ways (obviously other than frequent cleaning) to make this storage space dust free. Use vacuum sealed bags to pack away your mushy stuff, such as blankets, extra pillows, old tattered sweaters, and so on.

Adding drawers under the bed will build up additional functional space. So, if you are facing storage problems in a petite space, these drawers might serve you a utilitarian solution. You can store your large collection of utilities inside the drawers.

Behind the Doors

This storage option hardly crosses our mind when looking for storage space in a tiny room. But, space behind the doors can offer you a whole new world of options to solve your storage issues. A few fixtures, such as hanging pockets hanging shower caddies, organizers and self-adhesive hooks can help you use the back of the doors in a lot better manner. Right from your clothing to napkins, hot pads, anything can be stored easily over here.

You might think that these places are too small to make any noticeable differences, but nooks and crannies offer a great storage facility as far as your bedroom is concerned. Once you start exploring these options, you will be surely amazed at how much extra space they can open up.

Experience a Better Living in the Upcoming Residential Projects of Kolkata

If you have recently moved to Kolkata and looking for a perfect place to stay, the City of Joy will offer you a bevy of choices. With a large number of smart residential projects coming to the scene, it looks quite obvious that the modern living spaces promise comfort and highest level of convenience to its dwellers. Apart from the basic amenities that we are accustomed with, the upcoming residential projects of the smart segment brings you a platter of convenience amenities to make your life better.

Here’s a look into the factors that make life upbeat at these living spaces.

  1. Smart Designs: The concept of smart design involves a lot of things beyond the design of the living units. Apart from spacious building designs, a smart home comes with multilevel vehicle parking, exclusive space for social and business gatherings, like a community hall or a multipurpose hall, unhindered strolling area right within the complex. There must be well-planned building layout that features ample ventilation and maximum access to natural light
  2. Guaranteed Safety

The concern for safety is the biggest concern, whether you are living in an independent house or in a residential complex. The upcoming gated complexes which are coming up across the City of Joy assure better safety as they have everything in order and in place. From trained security guards to efficient surveillance system and firefighting equipment, everything is at the easiest access, thus making residential complexes quite safe for living. Especially if you are having a family with young children, you can choose to live in the gated complexes, considering safety as your biggest concern.

  1. Benefits of Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your house can be the biggest challenges that one comes across. From plumbing issues to electric concerns, fixing the same and maintaining it from time to time can be tiring. With a modern residential complex, you don’t have to think about this. Maintenance is one of the biggest benefits of a residential housing complex. All you need is to pay a monthly or yearly charge to avail the benefit. Everything from cleanliness, hygiene and other typical concerns that might crop up are taken care of by the management.

  1. Living within a Community

Another important aspect of living in the complex is a well-functioning community. Rather than restricting your social life, the modern residential complexes of Kolkata give you everything to meet one another and develop healthy interactive relationships. The upcoming residential projects are coming up with private community hall for the residents. As a result, organizing functions, events, and festivals within the society is no more a hassle. Thus, living in a community certainly gives you an upbeat and better lifestyle. From having kids’ play area to recreation zone and fitness centers for the adults, these projects offer you everything that your heart desires.

With so many advantages, it’s certainly a great idea to invest in an upcoming residential complex, especially if you are looking for convenient options to live in.

5 Things you Can’t Ignore While Searching for a Flat in Kolkata

If you are new in the real estate market of Kolkata with an intention to buy a living space in the city, a lot of things should be taken into consideration. In the first place, you need to keep in mind that plenty of projects are coming up across the city. From affordable to premium, the developers are targeting a comprehensive customer base at the same time. Quite obviously, finding a residential project that aptly fits your preference is no more a big deal. But, there are certain things which you should not ignore while searching for a flat in Kolkata.

Evaluate your requirements: If you are a buyer, you must be perfectly aware about your requirements. Most of the time, we tend to look for king size apartment, considering space as the only determining factor. In some cases the list of requirements includes big garden, calm locality, modular kitchen and that too at an affordable budget. But, keep in mind that ascertaining your needs is important, so that you don’t end up making a wrong decision and shell out a fortune to own your home.

New or resale– which one will serve your purpose: Another significant factor is to decide and evaluate whether a new or resale flat will serve your needs and lifestyle. Resale properties are usually priced less in comparison to new properties. But, you need to make sure that the property is in good condition and you do not need to invest a lot for renovation. If this is the case, it’s wise to buy a new property. You can also opt for an under construction property with a good social infrastructure for affordable price range.

Availability of amenities: This is an important factor to consider before making an investment. Unless you get all the amenities that make life comfortable in a residential complex, there’s no point in making such a big investment. Apart from the convenience amenities like gym, swimming pool, recreation centers & kids’ play area, security & surveillance systems, you also need to make sure that you have an access to a range of civic amenities. The idea is basically to make sure that you don’t need to venture out for socializing.

Right location should be your priority: This is one of the most complicated aspects of property buying and you simply can’t ignore this part. Like every buyer, you must be having your own set of preferences, which may include the distance to work space, school, proximity to bus stops, metro stations and so on. Make sure that the place, where you are buying a flat is well connected with the rest of the city.

Check out developer’s credentials: Prior to making any investment, make sure that you have closely reviewed the property market and the reputation of the developer. The checking process must include the evaluation of the market presence of the developer, status of his past completed projects, his credibility on project delivery, and off course the customer reviews from the past.

Make a note of these pointers, so that you can keep these in mind while searching for a property in Kolkata.

The Perks of Staying Close to Malls

Getting an apartment is often the first choice of most of the people looking for investment in real estate sector. But, you must get it right. Several factors come into play while making a decision and location of the property is one of them. To a large extent, the profitability of your investment depends on the location of your property. That’s why an urbanized area having all sorts of civic amenities is always preferred.

Nowadays, there’s a growing tendency among the home buyers to invest in a property close to shopping malls. It’s indeed a great idea, considering the many different advantages offered by such a location. Let’s take a look why the properties near shopping malls are in high demand.

  1. Access to Entertainment and Recreational Facilities

The area close to shopping malls boasts of a plethora of amenities including recreational facilities galore. With plenty of convenient amenities, malls are becoming a lot more than simply a shopping center. Nowadays, it is a complete entertainment hub where people can chill out and have fun. If you are staying close to the popular shopping malls in the city, you don’t have to travel far for your daily dose of entertainment.





2. Living at the heart of the city

Mostly shopping malls are located at the heart of the city. So, by staying near shopping malls you are actually staying at the center of activity. Basically, your apartment near a shopping mall keeps you close to the most happening part of the city with schools, main road, business centers etc.

3. No Problem with Public Transportation

As mentioned earlier, an apartment near shopping malls keep you right at the heart of the city. Quite obviously, in such a location, you do not have to deal with transportation problems. Such areas remain well connected by transport and communication networks. In Kolkata, the flats near City Centre 2 are in high demand as they are situated in a strategic location. The region is so well connected with rest of the city that you can seamlessly travel across the city whenever it is required.

4. Access to products and items that are exclusively available inshopping malls:

There are certain products which are essentially available in the signature stores. For example, some premium brands of soaps and shampoos are not available in small local store. You have to go the brand’s signature store to buy these. But, with a shopping mall close to your space, you do not need to go far to procure that product right from the mall itself. And the whole experience is fast and comfortable.

Last but not the least, a flat near shopping mall generally gets a high resale value. A world of convenience right within a few minute’s access certainly makes your lifestyle seamless and stress-free. No doubt, the upcoming flats of Rajarhat, especially the ones close to City Centre 2 attract higher sale value.

A Smart Life At Rajarhat – Lifestyle At The New Smart Destination In The City

The City of Joy is changing fast and Rajarhat is the new favourite hotspot. What started off as an ambitious project to expand the reach of the city lifestyle and facilities, has almost become a reality today. After Salt Lake, it was the turn of Rajarhat and New Town region to go through metamorphosis and emerge a new leaf, a smart region within the Bengal capital. So, how is the lifestyle in one of the most happening parts of Kolkata?

A modern abode close to nature

One of the major complaints of those living the modern lifestyle in the metropolitans across the country is how far we have come from nature. A glimpse of green patch even in Kolkata seems to have become a luxury. Not to mention, the chaos of the city life following the residents everywhere like a haunting spirit. Rajarhat offers the perfect recluse away from all of these.

A large section of Rajarhat is covered in greenery and it offers the amazing feeling of staying in the lap of nature. However, that’s not all. The smart region has the finest residential apartments enabled with the most high-tech and modern amenities and facilities. The residents get to enjoy staying close to nature without having to give up on the luxuries and convenience of staying in a modern city.

A well-planned delight

One of the beauties of Rajarhat lies in how beautifully the entire development is planned in phases. There are areas marked out for the commercial purposes and then there are those meant for residential apartments only. The well-planned smart space makes it a lot easier for residents to commute within, as well as, in and out of the area. And, a planned model definitely adds to the aesthetics of the place.

From work to leisure – all at one place

Rajarhat is the new destination for business development in Kolkata. Almost every major IT firms and companies have bases in the smart spot of the capital. As new businesses look forward to setting up their office in the city, New Town in Rajarhat seems like the best place to do so. Not only does it have enough spaces at affordable rates, the modern facilities and amenities means that next-gen businesses can easily scale-up and transform their models to remain in the competition without having to spend a fortune on infrastructure development.

However, the boon of smart tech is not just enjoyed by the commercial players alone. The residents have access to some of the finest facilities and amenities as well. From greener energy sources to providing the best residential apartments fitted with modern day techs, Rajarhat has it all.

The best part is that they are all placed close enough for the residents to enjoy the convenience of going to their work without having to beat the traffic of Kolkata. Moreover, Rajarhat comes with its own set of leisure activities. From shopping malls to multiplexes, the Mother’s Wax Museum, Eco Space, and the 500+ acres Ecopark and many other options provide the much-needed break from the monotone of work. And, yet again, everything is a few minutes away.

Pros and Cons of Living Near the Airport

One of the places that crosses our mind when we talk about the premium flats in Kolkata,  is definitely the area around the airport. Lately, there’s been quite a growth in the real estate sector.  A number of  high-end luxury  flats and  apartments  have come  up  in  this  region.  Moreover, with the rapidly growing pace of civic conveniences, real estate developers are taking interest in this area.  No doubt, the area near airport has become the home to a number of finest and most luxurious apartments of the city.

But, the question is whether it’s a wise investment? To find the answer, we have to dig both the pros and cons of living in this area.

Basically there are plenty of preconceived notions about living in the areas close to the airport, which is why the area remained ignored by most of the real estate owners. However, there scenario is changing pretty fast. Increase in knowledge and awareness among the end users has created a favourable environment for the city’s real estate developers who have started focusing on the areas close to the airport. But, let us not jump to any conclusion. A better way is to weigh the pros and cons and take the final decision.

Pros of Buying Flats Near Airport in Kolkata

  • Advantage for Frequent Fliers – This point hardly requires an elaboration. Staying near the airport cuts down the total journey time to and from the airport as well as on the cost associated with the journey. Any frequent flier will love to own a flat near the airport considering the ease of journey. And if you happen to be one, then there is no better deal available for you.
  • Better lifestyle – As mentioned earlier the high-end premium flats near airport are designed for the up-scale people having finer taste and prefer a good lifestyle. Over the past few years, there’s been a surge of home buyers in this area. With the number of residents increasing rapidly, a number of premium shopping malls, various stores and entertainment centres start coming up close to these flats. As a result, you can have easy access to the civic conveniences which are otherwise unavailable if you live in the suburban area.
  • Higher resale value – Who would not think of good deal of profit especially when it is a real estate investment? From this perspective, a flat near the airport certainly offers a great resale value than the flats in other areas of Kolkata. Depending upon the location, the various parts close to the airport are growing in demand and thus the real estate property values are soaring high in the airport region. So, it can be easily perceived that if you ever need to sell out your flat, rest assured, you should find a great deal.

Cons of staying near the airport in Kolkata

  • A Slightly High Price – With NRIs and HNIs investing generously in the premium flats of the region, it does not come as a surprise that the prices of these flats are skyrocketing. You will probably be paying quite a steep price for buying a flat in the region. However, there’s always a chance to earn it all back while reselling it.
  • Health hazard – You will need to endure the noise of airplane if you are staying too near the airport. The noise can sometimes cause hearing issues. Choosing a property in close vicinity but not very close to the airport sorts out this problem.

What to do as customer?

As a potential buyer you should make sure that you are choosing the right location or paying the right price. Try to get some authentic information from internet as well as from your acquaintances before making any investment.

Why Rajarhat is an Ideal Location For Living in Kolkata?

Have you moved to Kolkata recently and don’t know where to settle down? Still looking for the perfect place to reside in the City of Joy? If such is the case then Rajarhat will be the perfect place to reside at. Rajarhat, the upcoming neighborhood of Kolkata has witnessed immense growth and development at a faster and faster rate over the years. It is a township is a hub of all the sections, be it residential, commercial office or retail. Thus, this town can be the perfect location for you to be in.

Here are some reasons why it can be considered as the ideal location for living.

The primary plus point is the location. Easily accessible from Kolkata CBD via the VIP Road or the Rajarhat Road as well as being only 20 minutes drive from Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport.

Next comes the vast range of apartments that are on offer in Rajarhat. Along with the existing projects there is a plethora of upcoming new projects aimed at catering all price and size points of the buyers. These apartments offer all modern facilities and amenities.

The other important aspect which some buyers do not have under consideration while choosing a project is the availability of the banking and health care facilities. Rajarhat takes care of that too, almost all the esteemed banks including private and nationalised operates in Rajarhat. A number of hospitals provide multispecialty medical facilities. The renowned hospitals in and around Kolkata are also connected by a good network of transport.

Schooling is another factor that most of the buyers will be looking for while planning to buy their home at Rajarhat. Well, one need not worry about that as well. Rajarhat has got a number of reputed international schools to provide education to your child.

Last but not the least; the buyers would obviously look for the facilities that are available for their entertainment as well. Rajarhat has got a number of shopping malls, recreational parks, 5-star hotels, family parks, spas and multiplexes to unwind and break the monotony of daily life.

If you are looking for a property at Rajarhat, then One Rajarhat will definitely serve you well. This luxurious apartment offers  2, 3 and 4 BHK flats with numerous amenities. Right from a well equipped gymnasium to indoor game facilities, you name it and you have it all. Though the project is still under construction, but once completed, this apartment would assure to take your breath away. So, hurry up and make your dreams come true with One Rajarhat.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and book your own nest at Rajarhat.

Amenities of Small Apartments to Attract Buyers

In the times of rapid growth and development where a great number of apartments are springing up each day, it is of utmost importance to look after the amenities that are provided in order to attract the buyers and also to gain an edge over the other sellers. Adapting with the changes that are occurring each day, it is to be kept in mind that the facilities that were once considered to be sophisticated and a matter of luxury, have turned out to be necessity.


Usually we discuss about amenities when we talk in terms of larger apartments or the 3 BHK flats. But we should not stereotype the very concept. Rather, we must also think about amenities when it comes to smaller apartments like the 1 BHK flats.


The most important thing is the storage facility. No matter how small an apartment is, the buyers should be provided with enough storage facilities. Walk-in-cabinets which was once supposed to be a matter of luxury, has turned out to be the most important thing in an apartment. These cabinets can be installed in the living room or the hallway that are oversized. This will give a lot of storage option to the one who will be buying the apartment.


The 2 BHK flats or the 3 BHK flats in Rajarhat are providing the buyers with excellent facilities. The smart lock installations are a treat to the customers who are tech savvy. These not only maintain your own privacy but will also make your apartment a far better one than the others.


We are often worried about where to park our cars! An apartment without proper parking facility is of no use these days, especially when we can’t do without private transports! A buyer will be attracted to a plot only if it can provide a parking area which is spacious enough to give room to their cars. Most of the apartments in Rajarhat have got these facilities. Be it a 2 BHK or a 3 BHK flat Rajarhat offers all its buyers with a parking facility!


While making it more attractive to the customers with the amenities offered, the apartments of Rajarhat are designed in tune to the requirements of 2 BHK flats and the 3 BHK flats. So, whenever you choose to buy an apartment in Rajarhat, always choose a project having all the facilities you wish for. One Rajarhat will shape your life for good and would provide the best possible facilities at the very best location of New Town Rajarhat!

What are the benefits of buying a 2BHK flat?

Buying a new house has always been a major decision and trends seem to sway one way or other from time to time. As per the market analysis by, the Indian real estate market still sees a majority of buyers from the middle income and high middle income segment of the society and their preferred choice is the 2BHK apartment with about 40% buyers opting for this particular type of apartment. With various projects coming up across the major cities like Kolkata, the obvious question is, what are the driving forces behind this choice? Here is a list of some of the major benefits of getting a 2BHK apartment.

  • Family PlanningIndian society is a closely knitted and family oriented society. Even with the increase in nuclear family, it is not merely the couples occupying an apartment all the time. Moreover, any person willing to get married will be looking forward to buying a house at first. This is generally a decision taken at the early stage of the career where the budget is a moderate one. But the budget factor should be considered in context to future plans. While considering the marriage, getting a 1BHK apartment might sound good enough for just two people, but will certainly feel cramped when family grows. Thus, 2BHK apartment becomes the obvious minimum choice.
  • Cost Analysis – India is a highly cost sensitive market. Almost any buying decision is taken after checking out the price and price is generally the most important determining factor. While 1BHK apartments are comparatively cheap, they will not be practical choice for a person considering a growing family or not looking to change the apartment any soon. 3BHK apartments and above are quite expensive. In fact, the price is well exceeding the mark of 1 crore in most cases. On the contrary, 2BHK is not just a practical option, but an affordable one as well. In major cities such as Kolkata, getting a 2BHK apartment in a good locality with excellent communication advantage and other general facilities. Thus, most of the time 2BHK flats become the preferred choice.
  • Better Maintenance at Low Investment – Compared to the 3BHK apartments, maintenance of a 2BHK apartment will cost much lower. However, when compared to the 1BHK apartment, the cost increase is not so significant. Thus, it is always a smarter choice to opt for a 2BHK apartment and ensure that the apartment maintenance charge remains lower than a 3 or 4 BHK.
  • Better utilisation – Investments are done keeping in mind the available resources. 3BHK apartment sounds like a large space, but with the modern nuclear families cropping up especially in the metro cities like Kolkata, opting for a 3BHK apartment might just turn out to be an excess of space. 2BHK apartments are cosy and offer optimum utilisation of the space.

For anyone who is considering buying a new apartment, it is the smartest option to invest in a 2BHK apartment, even if the person is single at the moment. It will offer you a better expand ability along with better resale value in the future if required.

10 Things You Need to Know Before Finalizing your first flat

Whenever we speak of the ‘dream home’, we consider a place that is exactly the way we imagine it to be. However, there is this one problem with imagination; we are not really building the house in most cases. We merely buy a flat. So, how do you ensure that the flat you are going to buy indeed turns out to be the ‘dream home’?

For a first time buyer of any real estate property, there are a few things that need to be checked at first. Before you go on and finalize the deal, here is a list of the top 10 things you must check.

  • Your requirements – Don’t be vague about what you need. You need to be specific about your needs and requirements before you are going to buy the flat. You might have a car and a proper parking space will become mandatory in such a circumstance. May be you wish to own the flat on the higher floors, in that case you will need to make sure that the flat has proper elevator facility. There can be many more requirements in terms of number of rooms and bathrooms, the area and more. Before you even start considering getting the flat, you must have the list ready.


  • Find proper location – If you go out searching for flats all through the city, you will literally be bewildered by the number of choices. Make sure you have a few locations in mind at least to start your hunt for the best property.


  • Get the property rates – Once you have the locations in mind, get the rates of the existing properties in the area. This will give you an estimate about the cost of the flat. For example there are plenty of flats in Rajarhat. Rajarhat itself is quite a large area in Kolkata. However, the flats in Action Area-I of Rajarhat are high in demand and desirability although they come at a higher price than other zones like Action Area-II & III.


  • Finalize your source of funding – There are many ways you can pay for the flat. Either you can go in for 100% self funding or avail a Home Loan. Generally in Home Loans, funding institutions provide a maximum of 80% loan of the property value. Make sure you get the best home loan deal, currently the starting rate of interest 8.35%. Also, you will have to check your CIBIL score to know if you are eligible for the loan you are hoping to secure. There is always the first down payment involved (generally minimum 20%) which you will have to make. Get yourself prepared to pay the initial down payment for the flat.


  • Verify the statutory approvals of the flat/project – This is really important with any real estate property. It is easy to get a thorough investigation done by an advocate and know if there is any existing dispute over the property. If you are opting for a Home Loan, the financing institution would have already done the necessary due diligence.


  • Verify the reputation of the builder – After all it is your dream home. Make sure the builder has the reputation to deliver as promised.


  • Check with banks about financing options – This might not be needed for someone who is going to pay for the entire property upfront, but if you are seeking loan, talk to the bank and see what financing and repayment options are available.


  • Check the building plan – You will not understand much about this, but consult an architect to see if the building plan is safe.


  • Check the materials used as specified – A civil engineer will help you through this. Know if the materials used are of required/approved grade.


  • Check registration and other documentation details – See if the documentation is done properly at the time of accepting the flat and making payment. Also, have your registration done at that time of full payment/handover.