Cute Ideas To Make Your Premium Home More Pet-Friendly

Do you have a cat or a dog or any other form of a pet at home? Having a pet is nothing less than having a child in your house. They smile with their eyes, laugh with their jumps and love with their hearts. However, just as your child wandering around in the house might get them hurt, your pet can also run into some trouble at home if enough safety measures are not taken to protect them.

Pets, especially dogs and cats are naturally curious. They have the habit of snooping around which might accidentally hurt them and of course, you’ll not want that to happen. Hence, make your house pet-friendly in order to keep them safe. So, while following experts’ suggestions to decorate your premium apartment look more attractive, you should also make your rooms safe and friendly for your pets. Here are the tips that you can incorporate to protect your pets and keep them away from any sort of danger.

Tips to Keep Your Home Pet-Friendly

How To Make Your Home Pet-Friendly
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Store Items High

Products like medications or cleans which are high on chemicals should be stored on high shelves as consuming such products will prove to be extremely dangerous for them.

Childproof latches

When it comes to using latches on kitchen and bathroom cupboards, use the childproof ones. The measure will prevent your pet from getting eatables and chemicals that might harm them.

How To Make Your Home Pet-Friendly
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Keep Garbage Can Covered

Cover the garbage and, if possible, store them in an enclosed area or outdoors. Garbage cans are mainly used for collecting old food, hazardous chemicals, and small indigestible pieces of scrap, all of which can harm your pet.

Use Blockades

Usually, out of curiosity, pets tend to get trapped behind large units and get affected by the heat emitting from the appliances. To prevent such situations, put up blockades behind appliances like washing machines, dryers, refrigerators or air conditioning units.

Keep Toilet Lid Closed

It is best to keep the toilet lid closed to prevent small animals from drowning and to prevent your pet from drinking out of the bowl as they might get exposed to all sorts of harmful chemicals and germs.

House plants
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Fatal House Plants

When it comes to bringing a house plant, avoid the ones that are sure to harm your pet. Traditional houseplants that are dangerous for your pet are Lilies, Azaleas, Oleander, Tulips, Yew, Chrysanthemum, English Ivy, and many more. Hence, do proper research. Get a plant that will not cause your furry friend any harm.

Avoid Dangling Wires

Eliminate the presence of dangling wires from lamps, gaming systems, TVs, stereos, etc. as if your pet chews them, it might get hurt or suffer from health hazard.

Strings & Threads

Keep strings and threads at bay. Your pet should not step inside the sewing room due to the presence of strings, threads and needle. It is easy for a cat to choke on some thread while playing with it.

Pet-friendly Toys
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Healthy Chew Toys

Give your dog, especially puppies, a few things to chew on. You can provide them with durable toys, hooves, snouts or some other dog-friendly chewing snack. However, it is equally important to remember that these items should not pose a choking hazard; hence do proper research on your end before leaving them with your pet.

Scratch Pads

Are you witnessing scratch marks on your couch or doors? If you have a cat, this is a common thing that you’ll come across. Hence, provide your cat with scratch pads or set up a scratching post so that they can have a proper place to scratch without destroying anything.

Having a clear idea as to how to make your home pet-friendly is probably the best way to make sure that your pets stay healthy. It also means that apart from keeping your pet away from harmful stuff, it is necessary to give them good things to distract and entertain them. Give your dogs something harmless to chew on and your cats a proper area for scratching. Finally, remember a safe environment is also a clean environment for your pet.

What are the Prime Benefits of Living At Newtown – Rajarhat Area?

Rajarhat is becoming a hub of residential projects and there are some legitimate reasons behind this development. Even though Rajarhat is a part of greater Kolkata, it looks nothing like one. The infrastructural development in this region has added a touch of elegance, thereby attracting various developers to come up with modern residential projects. The presence of a plethora of modern facilities and amenities will provide home buyers with a lifestyle cocooned in style and comfort. Of all the regions in Kolkata, flats in Newtown and Rajarhat area are meticulous and well-planned, thereby addressing the requirements of modern property buyers. Hence, what are the advantages of living in Newtown? Let’s delve into the blog to learn more about the benefits.

The Many Benefits of Owning a Flat in Newtown

Luxurious flats with contemporary design
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Contemporary Apartment Features

The presence of modern living spaces or flats in a particular region automatically enhances your standard of living. The presence of modern residential projects will provide you with stunning flats in Newtown, Rajarhat area with awestruck features. Most of the apartments are aesthetically planned, defined by friendly layout and floor plans with easy access to hall, kitchen and balcony. You can also add a touch of your personality to your home by incorporating interior design, thereby making the space uniquely yours. Apart from that, the apartments are spacious since most of them are open on 3-4 sides. The apartments are Vaastu compliant as well, thereby attracting positive vibes to your home.

Amenities & Facilities- All Under One Roof

What’s the point of investing in a residential project lacking key facilities and amenities that will make daily living smooth? It will prove your investment (both time and money) futile and will definitely not leave you with any benefits. In other words, these two elements complete every residential project and add a dose of ease to your lifestyle. The flats in Newtown, Rajarhat are excellent in this regard. Most of the residential projects in Newtown and Rajarhat are outfitted with an excellent set of facilities and amenities, thereby taking the dose of advantages up a notch. You’ll come across features like spa room, jogging track, library, imperial sky lounge, toddler’s play area, hi-tech gym, etc. that will help you to lead a luxurious lifestyle with good memories and happy days.

Additionally, there are developers who will promise you a long list of facilities and amenities but ultimately fail to provide the same upon completion. Hence, if you intend to enjoy the benefits of these two elements, go through the proposed set amenities and facilities and understand whether it is achievable or not. Invest in one that looks promising and where you’ll be able to experience a better standard of living.

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Location Benefits of Flats in Rajarhat

Locational Features

Checking out the locational features of a particular project is equally important. No matter which project you are owning an apartment in, make sure that it is well connected by different modes of transportation along with maintaining a closeness to landmark facilities in that region. With flats in Newtown, Rajarhat, experience the benefit of travelling to different parts of the city with ease via different modes of transportation. What’s more? If you are a frequent flyer, the region being close to the airport will solve this issue as well. For example, One Rajarhat by Anik Industries Limited is well connected by different modes of transportation. This project is close to commercial facilities as well, thereby making sure to provide the residents with a well-rounded lifestyle. Hence, with a home in Newtown, treat yourself with great locational features.

So why will you buy flats in Newtown, Kolkata? Because in a nutshell, the region will provide you with luxurious homes for a comfortable stay along with the benefits mentioned previously.

This Diwali, Light Up Your Interiors with Easy Decoration Ideas

We are just a few days away from celebrating the delightful time of the year, the festival of light- Diwali. It’s time to gorge upon some delicious sweets and palatable dishes accompanied by a dazzling home decoration. Diwali is indeed that time of the year which calls for not just suiting up and burning crackers but also sprucing up your luxury apartment in Kolkata.

While previously we have discussed 5 easy ways to decorate home. But in this blog we will talk about enhancing the interior to suit the festive season, our mind being encapsulated by the festive vibe. From Diyas to aromatic candles, get your home Diwali ready as we have selected 7 new age decor ideas that will light up your interiors.

Diwali Home Decoration Ideas to Leave Your Guests Stunned

Diwali Decoration Ideas
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Glass Jar Lanterns

Have you been throwing away the used glass jars or mason jars assuming them to be useless? Well, here’s how you can give a creative spin to such ‘so-called’ useless jars. Paint them using a variety of hues to give the quintessential Moroccan lanterns vibe, a perfect Diwali decoration tool to make your luxurious apartment look more beautiful.

Diwali Decorations
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Paper Cup Lights

Trust us when we say paper cups are one of the easiest Diwali decoration ideas to light up even the ordinary corners of your home. paint the cups and cut them into floral shapes, thereby creating a unique decorative element for this Diwali. Add a tiny light bulb or fairy lights to it that will add a positive vibe to your home.

Diwali Decorations
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Artistic Rangolis

Rangolis are a perfect way to add colours and welcome good vibes to your home. While you get Rangoli powders for creating the design, you can use flowers as well. To add a touch of uniqueness, you can add designer Diyas and pretty clay handicrafts to intensify the beauty of traditional Diwali decoration in your premium flat in Kolkata.

Diwali Home Decoration Ideas
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Fairy Lights

Let’s bring the fairy lights inside your home to make your home Diwali ready. Make use of fairy lights inside the Puja room or glass vases for an amazing glowing effect.

Diwali Decoration Ideas for Luxurious Flats
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Flowers & Candles Decor

Diwali decoration is incomplete without flowers and candles. While it is used for gifting purpose, this year make fresh by using it for home decoration. Create low centrepieces with brass appliances by placing flowers and floating candles in alternative centrepieces. It is a bright and beautiful arrangement that will complement the posh vibe of your premium flat in Kolkata.

Decoration ideas for Diwali
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Diwali Coasters

In case you are looking for a stunning Diwali decoration idea for your living room, get your hand on Diwali themed coasters that will leave your guests mesmerized. You can use paints or artificial mirrors to create intricate designs for that perfect and dazzling Diwali effect.

Diwali Home Decorations
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The Evergreen Diyas & Creative Fruit Candles

A traditional Diwali decoration item, Diyas are mandatory for each and every Diwali. They add a fine festive touch to the decorative quotient, thereby lighting up every nook and cranny of your luxury apartment in Kolkata. This year, make a difference by getting earthen Diyas and decorating them with glitter and acrylic paints.

You can also take the game of candles a level up cutting the fruit peels in beautiful shapes and placing tiny fragrant candles inside them.

However, if you are planning to give your home a complete makeover, you indulge in painting the walls of your apartment by combining great hues or adding new furniture. No matter what’s your choice, Diwali is all about welcoming positive vibes while eliminating negative vibes from your luxury apartment in Kolkata. Lighten up your interior, enjoy time with your close and celebrate Diwali like never before.

Wishing You All a Happy Diwali!

Little Known Secrets About Buying Luxury Apartments In Kolkata

The joyous feeling of owning a luxury apartment in Kolkata cannot be expressed in words. It is a medley of emotions since we work hard, save money and finally invest in an apartment which looks like our dream apartment. And let us not forget, it is one of the most crucial financial investments that we make in our entire life. Hence, the apartment should be perfect, thereby making the investment worthwhile.

However, there are useful secrets catering to buying a premium apartment in Kolkata. These secrets surprisingly lead you to buy the perfect luxury home in Kolkata with features that will update your lifestyle by leaps and bounds. Purchasing an apartment under the premium segment in Kolkata is a wise decision, but are you aware of the “little known secrets” which you should check while choosing the apartment? Let us spill the beans in this write-up that will enable you to purchase the perfect luxurious abode for yourself.

Luxury Apartments in Kolkata

Secrets to Buying Luxury Apartments in Kolkata- Finally Spilled!

Before your splurge in a premium apartment in Kolkata, here are the secrets that you must consider.

Builder Name- Check

Kolkata is a hub of real estate companies & brands but not every builder enjoys the power of name and fame. It takes hard work and dedication along with the promise to deliver projects on time to earn the name in the market. Hence, no matter how luxurious the project may look, you have to check the builders profile to ensure that the project is legally sound and will meet your requirements as promised. Brand like Anik Industries is worth the trust blindfolded. They have changed the skyline of the city with some of their renowned luxury apartments in Kolkata which gives them the fame and name.

Amenities & Facilities- Check

Staying in luxury residential projects in Kolkata works on changing your way or style of living. Such projects are entitled to come with an excellent set of facilities and amenities that will upgrade your lifestyle from the existing one. Hence, make sure to check the amenities and facilities that should justify the project as luxury. For example, One Rajarhat, an upcoming luxury residential project in Kolkata comes with a modern set of facilities and amenities which will make sure that your days touch the pinnacle of comfort.

Apartment Specifications- Check

No matter how luxurious your apartment looks, you cannot overlook it given the fact that you’ll have to spend most of your time there. Hence, checking out what an apartment is entitled to offer you is mandatory. First, check the availability of different sizes- 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK and so on. Second, check the infusion of modern features like the fittings, the layout, and spaciousness. Third, check the difference between the super built-up area and the carpet area. Apart from that, check the interior design of the apartments since it should match your taste and meet your requirements.

For example, One Rajarhat by Anik Industries Limited comes with residential luxurious apartments in Kolkata along with service apartments redefining comfort and style. Also, it meets the functionality quotient apart from providing lavish abodes.

Location- Check

Location plays an important role in deciding whether you should invest in a residential project or not. A perfect location is defined by an impeccable connectivity, stunning milieu and the presence of commercial facilities as well. All these traits together will give you a well-rounded lifestyle. With this in regard, Rajarhat stands out as one of the most popular locations for buying luxury homes in Kolkata. The calm atmosphere, the clean environment, the presence of commercial facilities and great connectivity via different modes of transportation are the traits that are attracting the developers to come up with luxury apartments in Kolkata.

These are “little known secrets” that you must consider before buying a luxury apartment in Kolkata. Make sure to check all these features as each one of them is significant. Also, check the legal status of the plot on which it is being built along with banks financing the project. It will speak about project authenticity.

How Luxury Apartments at One Rajarhat can Change Your Lifestyle?

An interplay of style, comfort and functionality define One Rajarhat with luxurious flats in Newtown, Kolkata.

When you look up the term ‘luxury’, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Probably a state of great comfort or elegance and it directly signifies the life that most of us wish to live. Hence, to fulfill this wish along with meeting other requirements, luxury apartments in Kolkata are being created by some of the best in class developers in the city.

However, taking what is observed as luxury up a notch, One Rajarhat will provide the buyers with features to welcome a well-rounded lifestyle. But how will this project bring about this change in a home buyer’s life? Let’s delve into the blog to familiarise ourselves with the project.

Luxury apartments in Kolkata

One Rajarhat- The Ultimate Place for New Home Cocooned in Comfort

Arresting the beating heart and the wonderment of the city, Kolkata, Newtown embraces a seamless blend of nature and modern facilities for a lifestyle like never before. And One Rajarhat is an architectural spectacle in itself backed by a sanctum of calmness, comfort and a welcoming oasis of luxury. From location to the interior of the apartments, these luxury apartments in Kolkata is giving all the good reasons for the home buyers to buy flats in Newtown, Rajarhat.

Flats in Newtown Rajarhat

The Perfect Location

Nestled in the heart of the city and providing the best edit of Kolkata, One Rajarhat will provide you the number one living experience like never before. Constructed by Anik Industries Limited, these luxurious flats in Newtown, Kolkata are surrounded by an environment that will greet you with smooth stretches of the road decorated with fountains and warm lightings. Apart from that, the pure essence of nature will keep you away from the typical cacophony of the city to relax your senses after a long hectic day.

What’s more?
One Rajarhat with its luxury apartments will make your lifestyle easier owing to the presence of renowned commercial facilities like schools, hospitals, shopping malls, etc. close to the project. Hence, enjoy the picturesque cityscape with the best of commercial facilities at your doorstep.

Residential Projects in Rajarhat Newtown

The Perfect Connectivity

One Rajarhat is so strategically positioned that one can travel from here to any part of the city with ease. With the objective to simplify your everyday traveling affair, the residential project with luxurious flats in Newtown – Rajarhat area is well connected by buses, cabs and other such modes of transportation. It is also close to the airport, thereby giving the frequent flyers with an extra reason to check out One Rajarhat.

Luxury homes in Kolkata

The Perfect Living Spaces

One Rajarhat is waiting to welcome you in a space defined by the freshness of nature, opulence, and convenience. Owning a home here is unique in itself. It is almost like owning a fashion house with comfort packed room and posh interiors made using cutting edge technology. Furthermore, with the presence of serviced apartments, One Rajarhat has also taken care of functionality quotient. The 1, 2, 3 and 4 BHK luxurious apartments at One Rajarhat meet all the conveniences of the modern-day to create never-before-seen experiences for its residents. Step inside this much-coveted address with meticulously crafted interior spaces to experience an elevated lifestyle.

Wrapping it Up with a Fine Selection of Amenities & Facilities

One Rajarhat – The New Heartbeat of Kolkata mirrors contemporary luxury. With an excellent set of facilities and amenities, hobnob with royalty at these stellar flats for sale in Newtown, Kolkata. Welcome days filled with smiles and happy memories with features like:

One Rajarhat Clubhouse

Club House Facilities

  • Infinity Swimming Pool
  • Banquet Hall cum Badminton Court
  • World Class Gymnasium
  • Massage/Spa Rooms
  • Steam/Sauna Room
  • Pool and Snooker Table Room
  • Library
  • Table Tennis Room
  • Yoga/Meditation Area
  • Convenience Store
  • Toddler’s Play Area
  • Kids Multi-Game Court
  • Jogging & Walking Track

Luxury Residential Projects in Kolkata

Complex Amenities

  • Grand Air Conditioned ground floor lobbies
  • Fire fighting arrangement and extinguishers
  • Facility Management System
  • Smart Card Access System
  • Landscaped gardens, etc.
  • Imperial Sky Lounge
  • Car Parking

In this way, you’ll get an upgraded lifestyle with One Rajarhat. With a series of best in class facilities under one roof, this luxurious residential complex is the ultimate destination unfurling the true essence of the City of Joy.

Facts & Myths about Buying Flats in Newtown, Kolkata

Most of us cringe when we think of buying a home or an apartment in Newtown. Why? We immediately start thinking of this region as a deserted place (almost) with minimal presence of commercial facilities. Probably, you’ll have to go far and wide to comes across a simple grocery store, a restaurant or even a health care centre. And speaking of transport facilities, the region is royally lacking in this aspect. All in all, even though Newtown boasts a plethora of residential projects, the surrounding is underdeveloped enough to make one think twice or even more before buying a residential project here. This is exactly what we believe, right?

However, do you know we are surrounded by myths? Hence, it is time to bust the myth. Newtown has changed. It is nothing like what it used to be about a few years back. Want to know what are the actual facts that define Newtown, Kolkata? Let us do the same right here, in this write-up!

Buying Flats in Newtown- Myths Busted!

Luxury Residential Projects in Kolkata
Disclaimer: Images Are For Representative Purpose only.

Myth: Newtown Lacks Commercial Facilities

Fact Says: Well, the fact says to get your facts clear. Newtown is no longer the town in Kolkata with no commercial facilities. In fact, starting from IT hubs to entertainment zones to the popular healthcare centers, everything is now available in this region. You’ll also come across small grocery shops to meet your daily requirements as well as departmental stores, thereby giving you options to choose from.

Myth: Newtown Lacks Good Connectivity

Fact Says: Newtown is well connected by different modes of transportation. If you are seeking buses, especially the AC ones, you have it here. You’ll also come across cabs and auto-rickshaws to travel nearby metro links. What’s more? Do you know it is close to the airport as well? Hence, buying flats in Newtown is a bonus for frequent flyers as well.

Myth: Flats in Newtown are Expensive

Fact Says: Sure, the residential projects in Newtown looks luxurious and polished, thereby giving us the vibe that they are expensive. However, that’s not the case with all the projects. While almost every project consists of necessary facilities and luxurious amenities, they cover a price range that is suitable for the middle-class/upper-middle-class section as well as the elite class.

Myth: The Apartments are Small & Congested

Fact Says: Not anymore. The apartments of Newtown projects use to consists of small, congested apartments. However, at present, most of the projects will provide the residents with spacious, Vaastu compliant apartments, thereby bringing comfort and positive vibe under one roof. Also, the project will provide you with apartments like 1BHK, 2BHK, 2.5BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK and some will also provide you with 5BHK apartments as well.

Myth: The Clubhouse Amenities are Boring & Common

Fact Says: Buy flats in Newtown and treat yourself with an interesting set of clubhouse amenities, catering to all age groups. Experience the joy of clubhouse amenities like jogging & walking track, yoga/meditation hall, swimming pool and many more.

Hence, now will you buy flats in Newtown, Kolkata? Regions like Newtown and Rajarhat is becoming a hub of residential project. They consist of all the features that will provide one with a well-rounded lifestyle defined by comfort, convenience and a bit of style as well.

Easy Interior Decoration Ideas for Kitchen in Premium Apartments

Do you love reading home decor magazines and wish for a real-life kitchen from those pages? Why not convert your kitchen into a masterpiece? We’ve got your back with some quick and easy decorating tips for your kitchen. After owning a premium apartment in Kolkata, you might feel the need for infusing your kitchen with a look nothing less than the ones that you see in the magazines. The best part is that these kitchen decorating ideas can mix and match beautifully — use one or a few together.

While earlier we have discussed the interior decoration ideas for your home, this time every update every nook and cranny of your kitchen with these makeover ideas, that will take your kitchen look fun yet elegant.

Kitchen Decoration Ideas to Take the Look from Tired to Inspired

Premium Flats in Kolkata
Image Source: Pexels

Shades of Gray or All White

If the kitchen of your 4BHK flat in Kolkata comes with a pale blue or dark grey wall, introduce a bright dishware collection that will add a new personality to your kitchen. Alternatively, let your kitchen embrace a monochromatic theme paired with framed prints and a wooden tray for that much-desired country feel.

Accent the Open Spaces

If you have an excellent collection of vintage dishes and cookbooks, decorate them on open shelves that will your kitchen look more inviting.

Play Stash and Hide

If your kitchen is lacking spaces, stash bulky appliances like stand mixers behind a sliding cabinet door. You can also opt for a faster solution whereby you can turn to good old baskets to hold and hide seasonal goodies like holiday cookie cutters or sprinkles.

Go for Stacked Shelving

Consider replacing the upper cabinets of your kitchen in a premium apartment in Kolkata with floating shelves to make the kitchen feel bigger and brighter.

Add Moody Hues

Do you know black adds a hint of posh style to any cooking space? However, for less stark effects but for an equally chic look, consider “almost black” colours that are vibrant and warm, like deep blues and cosy maroons.

Keep it Simple and Streamlined

Choose a modern lacquer — the sleek material comes with an array of bold colours, is super durable, and can remodel a traditional kitchen into a contemporary one.

Let's Juxtapose Materials
Image Source: Pexels

Let’s Juxtapose Materials

Incorporate multiple kinds of natural stone to your kitchen of 4BHK flat in Kolkata. Also, incorporate different shades of wood along with both matte and glossy surfaces for a custom look that’s not too matchy.

Back to Schoolhouse Charm

For a cheerful vibe, start with the two c’s: colour and chalkboard! Add stools in primary colours (giving out the kindergarten vibe) along with a memo board to leave notes can make a simple white kitchen feel fun.

Eye-Catching Tiles

Have fun with playfully patterned tiles in your kitchen to add a major “wow” factor in this space.

Painted Floors

Of all the kitchen paint trends, we are in love with this particular trick. Get hold of some painter’s tape plus some pretty colours and say goodbye to boring floors forever.

Painted Ceiling

We guess paint is the smartest and most efficient way to transform your kitchen. Hence, these pointers come back to back. Take the concept of painting to the next level by covering the ceiling. However, be sure to keep a few pieces of wall white to strike an even balance of colour.

Multitasking Pot Rack- the Savior

Let your copper cookware to steal the show. Mount a rack and sturdy metal hooks where you can hang the copper cookware. It creates a focal point in your kitchen and frees up precious cabinet space.

Can you imagine how pretty will your kitchen look now? You can mix and match these tricks that will change the entire look of your kitchen. While luxury apartments in Kolkata are believed to uplift our living standards, you can also add a touch of your personality to the living space to make it close to your heart.

One Rajarhat: Luxury Apartments in Kolkata with Infinity Swimming Pool

What does it take for a luxury residential project in Kolkata to stand out? While most of you will say that the term “luxury” in itself plays a vital role for the project to gain prominence among the property buyers, there are a plethora of factors that make a project worth the investment. And when we say investment, we mean investing time, energy and money behind a single residential project where you are planning to buy your dream abode.

Luxury Apartments In Kolkata
Note: Images are for indicative purposes only. Actual product may differ from illustrations.

One Rajarhat takes the crown in this regard. A stunning upcoming luxury residential project in Kolkata, get the best of luxury, convenience and functionality under one roof for a lifestyle beyond the realistic expectation. A masterpiece positioned in the smart city Newtown-Rajarhat and cocooned in the pure essence of luxury, One Rajarhat by Anik Industries Ltd is redefining comfort and style.

However, now you’ll probably want to know what is so great the project that enables it to gain a popularity of this stature? Let us dive into the blog to learn more about the project and learn about its special features.

One Rajarhat- A Gem Set in the Heart of the Smart City

Set amidst a stunning milieu, the project qualifies as the new heartbeat of Kolkata. Where ultra-luxury features blend seamlessly, where one can hobnob with royalty, where your home address will become nothing less than a landmark, it is the One Rajarhat. This project gives you many reasons why buying a premium flat in Newtown is a worthy decision.

With 1, 2, 3 and 4 BHK luxury apartments in New Town,  nestling an efficient transport route along with best in class amenities, One Rajarhat is just what you need to lead the “one lifestyle”. To start with, this project embraces smooth connectivity with other parts of Kolkata via road and the upcoming metro link that will make daily traveling an easy affair. To take the concept of connectivity a notch up, this luxurious residential project is close to the Kolkata international airport airport – a brownie point for the frequent travelers.

Luxury residential projects in kolkata

Oh! Are you wondering about the presence of commercial facilities?

Worry not when your address is at One Rajarhat.

With premium apartments in New Town, One Rajarhat is girded by commercial facilities as well. With the presence of notable hospitals, renowned educational institutions, business zones, and popular entertainment centers, treat your days with a well-rounded lifestyle not just within the project premises but outside as well.

What else defines the project?

The presence of apartments infused with grandeur areenough to arrest your attention with one look. Mirroring suaveness, One Rajarhat, apart from providing you withluxury apartments in Kolkata, also comes with service apartments, a rare feature found in other projects.

Luxury apartments in Kolkata

One Rajarhat is planned to consist of 1, 2 and 3 BHK service apartments along with 3 and 4 BHK residential flats in New Town. Crossing the threshold of quality homes, this upcoming luxury residential projecthas met the zenith of lavishness and style to provide the residents with a comfortable stay.

Moreover, the presence of service apartments is beneficial for the investors or businessmen who can come up with their own office, studio, etc. to give their business a new height.

However, of all the features, we are in love with the presence of the infinity swimming pool at One Rajarhat. Now, what is so great about this feature? Here’s what you need to know:

Infinity Pool for Infinite Essence of Happiness

One Rajarhat is a hub of facilities and amenities, something that a luxury residential project must have to call itself a luxurious one. However, the presence of the infinity swimming pool simply adds an edge to the project on the whole. And let us tell you, it is not present in every residential project. Here are the specialties of the swimming pool:

Luxurious flats in new town Kolkata

Artistic and Eye-Catching

Infinity pools have an artistic touch which makes them eye-catching. Since these pools seem to have no edge, a swimmer’s mind is not cluttered with the idea of concrete steps and barriers. Instead, the edge blends with the background owing to the presence of weirs, glass walls, and other hidden barriers. In fact, the pool seems to fit smoothly with the sky, thereby making its presence a treat for the residents.

Environmentally Friendly

Infinity pools need high-capacity pumps and water collection troughs. Some owners are suspicious of this feature, fearing wastage of water and money. However, the pumps are only active when the pool is in use, thereby saving water in the long run. In fact, if accurately filtered, the water can be “recycled” back into the main pool as needed.

Safe and Fun for Families

Infinity pools are perfect for luxury residential projects in Kolkata, as it is safe, especially for the children without fearing any accident out of falling off the edge of the pool. Such pools are safe if built correctly, thereby making it fun for the families after a long hectic day. Railings, stairs, and ramps can also be added to infinity pools, ensuring that children, the elderly, and those with disabilities swim safely.

Hence, with such features blending in your daily life, you can be assured of nothing less than perfection. With luxurious apartments, One Rajarhat will gift you a lifestyle merging the best-in-class features, making it a wise decision to invest in this project.

Why Rajarhat Is Becoming A Hub For Luxurious Residential Projects?

Located on the outskirts of the city, Rajarhat does not fail to cross our minds when it comes to investing in luxurious residential complexes. The advancements made to this area in recent years has accounted for incredible changes in the vicinity.

Situated on the perimeters of New Town, Rajarhat is quickly becoming an attractive spot for luxury residential projects in Kolkata owing to the commercial and infrastructural development. The Rajarhat we see today is a novel creation, born out of latest technology housing several residential projects with no traces to the past rural area it initially was.

Given the contemporary transformation this place has received, it’s not surprising that investors and the big names in real estate brands are using this area to construct their luxury apartments. Owing to these drastic modifications, properties in Rajarhat are worth your attention.

Here are the factors that have changed the whole dynamics of what was once Rajarhat and is now a smartly planned satellite city.

Step in Rajarhat and find apartments that stand out

2 bhk flat in new town kolkata

Strategic location & excellent surrounding

Luxurious residential apartments offer comfort even when it comes to the exteriors of the housing complex. Having proximity to basic necessities such as medical facilities, educational institutions, business organisations and entertainment hubs are a must for luxurious residential complexes in Kolkata.

Rajarhat offers exactly that and much more. Nestled in lush greenery, this area houses distinguished companies, 5 star hotels etc. that provide the best of both worlds. It not only captures the essence of nature but also caters to your urban requirements. And having a flat in Rajarhat gives you all the benefits of staying close to shopping malls. Can you deny these? We guess not.

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Connectivity like no other

Real estate companies in Kolkata with luxurious residential projects in the city have left no stone unturned to provide us with world-class comfort. A location with an established transport system that makes travelling efficient is one of the essentials required for a luxury residential project. Real estate brands have tapped on this concept to offer multiple avenues to commute to and fro conveniently. Well-connected to the airport, other transport facilities and even having the choice to avail shuttle services, Rajarhat is the place for staying in luxurious residential complexes in Kolkata.

Flats in Newtown, Kolkata with Infinity Swimming Pool

Class apart amenities

A luxurious housing project is incomplete without state-of-the-art facilities. Working towards delivering a lifestyle of opulence, luxurious residential complexes utilize the latest trends and technology to offer an international standard of living that you have always dreamt of.

Listed below are some of the facilities that serve to provide a life of convenience and ease:

  • Infinity swimming pool
  • World class multigym
  • Play arena
  • Clubhouses
  • Jogging/walking track and the likes

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It’s a known fact that price plays a huge role in decision making, more so when it comes to investing in residential projects. However, flats that fit your budget, as well as simultaneously providing the lifestyle of your dreams, are difficult to spot. Rajarhat will offer you the opportunity to revamp your lifestyle owing to its contemporary apartments at an affordable rate.

According to us, these are the reasons that are compelling real estate brands to own property in this rich area. Given the dreamlike amenities that one can find in Rajarhat residential projects, it’s a wonder one can still find a flat for sale in Rajarhat.

One Rajarhat is one such housing complex that boasts of all the above-mentioned features. With premium floorings and furnishings, this project offers luxury residential and serviced apartments in various specifications. Developed by the reputed Anik Industries Limited, this particular housing complex is committed to providing a superior lifestyle in the lap of nature. Proudly addressing themselves as being number 1, they stand true to their name.

So what are you waiting for? Book your premium apartments in New Town, Kolkata now!

Spend Quality Weekends With Your Family Members at One Rajarhat

What should be the image of an ideal residential apartment in a luxurious complex? Definitely a combination of advanced amenities that cater to the requirements of one and all, backed by great connectivity & transport is what comes to our head. After all, every family wishes for the best of facilities in their ideal home so that they can lead a life of comfort and convenience.

With the upcoming projects in and around New Town, no corner of the city is left undeveloped. The advancements in commercial and infrastructural work in recent years have transformed the area into a dream location for anyone wishing to escape the chaotic urban life.

Luxurious Residential Project in Kolkata

If it is a peaceful stay you wish for, you don’t have to look any further, Rajarhat is the dream destination for you. Given the contemporary modifications this region has received in the past few years, steady growth in the number of real estate projects has been observed.

Among all these luxury residential projects in Kolkata, One Rajarhat seems to stand out the most.

Designed by one of the big names in real estate sector, this project by Anik Industries Limited is attracting people from all over the city. Aiming to please residents by its ultra modern amenities, this housing complex is the epitome of luxury and comfort. What better choice of residence to fit your requirements?

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One Rajarhat- Dream Destination for Families

Lying on the periphery of the planned city New Town, One Rajarhat is nestled with enough greenery to soothe your stressed state of mind and at the same time consists of all the commercial facilities that will undoubtedly grant you a luxurious life. The excellent location ensures that all the basic utilities you require in day to day life are available within your palm’s reach. Known for its prime location, this address houses several entertainment centres such as Axis mall, both the City Centres, distinguished hospitals such as Ohio Heart hospital, AMRI hospital etc.

It doesn’t end there. The locality boasts of an efficient commute system that gives an edge to the entire concept of connectivity. The proximity to the airport and other reputed institutions such as schools and business hubs further raise the value of real estate projects in this area. Moreover, availing the shuttle services can link you to the major areas of the city in no time. All these qualities of projects emerging in Rajarhat add on to make travelling an easy affair. Even people with huge families can easily reap the benefits of this smooth functioning transport system.

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One Rajarhat- Perfect Spot for Relaxation & Fun

What is the point of residing in a housing complex that doesn’t offer any grand set of facilities and amenities? Here at One Rajarhat, you get to become a part of a living experience unparalleled to any other. The infinite range of amenities is designed with a purpose to cater to every resident’s needs – young and old alike. From the benefits of having a swimming pool with a deck to a library, you will get enough reasons for enjoying life at One Rajarhat.

Here are some of the facilities & amenities in this residential complex with luxurious apartments that will make your weekends enjoyable:

  • Infinity swimming pool
  • Yoga/ meditation centre
  • Banquet Hall cum Badminton court
  • World Class Multi-Gym
  • Massage spa room
  • Steam and sauna room (separate for ladies and gents)
  • Children’s play areas
  • Library
  • Jogging and walking track
  • Table tennis room and many more

Keeping in mind the diverse family sizes in Kolkata, One Rajarhat offers apartments in various specifications such as 1BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK and 4 BHK. Depending on your preference, you can choose any and lead a peaceful life away from the pollution of the city but connected nonetheless.

These are some of the features that make One Rajarhat a one of a kind project. Developed by one of the top real estate companies in Kolkata, you will find all the necessary things required for a luxurious complex. Whether you want alluring colour schemes for your walls or imported interiors, this residential project is steadily proving to be the ideal image to suit each family’s needs.