Luxurious Apartment in One Rajarhat in Kolkata

Luxurious Amenities
Luxurious Amenities

Luxurious Apartments in One Rajarhat in Kolkata

Welcome to one of the most luxurious properties of Kolkata, your chance to convert your dream into reality.

you are aspiring to be the number one because ONE RAJARHAT gives you a perfect platform to start your journey of lavish living at the top of the world  so all for a life wrapped with exclusive amenities with lavish lifestyle at one and only ONE RAJARHAT.

so Hold your breath and lose yourself to the extravagance and splendour of ONE RAJARHAT! We are sure that you will like it.


The luxurious property of ONE RAJARHAT is situated in the smart and planned area  and premium area of Rajarhat. So the luxury residential apartments consist of 3 BHK and 4 BHK apartments.  But the serviced apartments consist of 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3BHK apartments. Come with premium floorings and furnishings making the destination a plush home for ONE and all.

The architect of ONE RAJARHAT, Rajinder Kumar Associates (RKA) is an award winning and famous Architectural Design firm in India serving the nation with exquisite architecture and designs for decades.

About the company

Anik Industries Limited is one of the renowned companies in the world of real estate with its registered office at Mumbai and Corporate office at Indore.  widely known as Anik Industries Limited, the company has emerged as a noted business house in Kolkata.

ONE RAJARHAT is the premium real estate project by the Anik Industries. It situated in one of the best locations in Kolkata. With close to hospitals, schools, shopping malls and restaurants. This is the next premium address for your lavish living.

5 Exclusive Ideas to Inspire You For an Exotic Dining Decor

Mealtimes are always special. It’s the time when every member of the family gathers at a place and enjoys together. Hence, your dining space should certainly be a cosy haven where the entire family can rejoice together. A neat, clutter free, decorated arena makes your dining moments even more pleasant. Here’s how you can notch up an inspiring dining arena with exotic decor.

  1. A Stunning Ceiling

A stunning ceiling can jazz up the entire space. Opt for some architectural detailing or paint a unique design (you can try painting different shades across the ceiling for maximum effect) to accomplish the decor goal. If you are looking for an Old World-inspired ceiling, the custom rustic beams and artwork in muted primary hues would be the ideal option.

  1. Illuminated surrounding

An effective lighting can do the wonders. Hence, interior designers always focus on optimum lighting to bring out the best of the decor drama. For a spectacular dining space, you can invest in eye-catching chandeliers and LED strips. Dress up this contemporary space with a glamorous chandelier. You can also perk up the artifacts with strip lights.

  1. Vibrant Curtains

While a big dining table with appropriate lighting becomes the showstopper in most cases, curtains play a significant role in adding that extra pizzazz in your dining space. Opt for floral prints or sheer curtains for a creative flair in the space. Also, incorporate some playful window treatments to breathe life into the space.

  1. Brilliant Hues

Vibrant hues are always a lure when it comes to interior decoration. According to Mrs. Pakhija, the proud owner of a 2 BHK apartment in Rajarhat, you can create a bold statement with eclectic seating arrangement in predominant colours such as pink and green. The bright, patterned draperies, contrasted with enameled walnut credenza celebrate the grace of the dining space while notching up the decor story.

  1. Notch Up the Cosiness

The entire dining space should give you a cosy impression. Dress the space to add elegance and warmth. An ornate area rug can serve you the ideal decor solution. You can also incorporate hand-painted wallpaper, floor-to-ceiling draperies and intricate China cabinet for an extra pizzazz.

When it comes to a dining room decor, elegance should be your prime concern. Make sure that you are taking cues out of these ideas and craft out something really unique and pleasant.