How To Make Your Premium Apartments Look More Attractive?

There is no other place like home. It is a place where you can get cozy and be yourself without bothering about a second person’s opinion. That’s why we call this place ‘Home Sweet Home’.

So, how about making this pace look like nothing less than a magazine cover? The current real estate scenario of the city of joy is all about providing the buyers with premium apartments in Kolkata. However, no matter what level of premium apartment you purchase, the key to making it look attractive lies in your hand. Don’t we all wish to see our tired houses getting a wakeup call with a dose of quick and exhilarating warmth?

Hence, in this blog, we have collected a few tricks to make your premium flat look stunning without actually breaking your bank. Take your ride towards an abode that you have always dreamt of owning!

4 BHK flat in Kolkata
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Tweaks to give Your Apartment a Makeover

Kick-in Your Inner Creativity

If your pocket is not permitting you to buy expensive pieces to make your home look attractive, get creative and make some DIY decors. For example, if you are into paintings but low on budget, try your hands in doing some art on your own. All you require is a big canvas and an array of colours that will match your personality. Go ahead, make your own paintings and discover how a dash of colour to your room through those paintings can elevate your mood.

Elegance is the Key

If you want to add a hint of glamour to your premium flat in Kolkata, buy pieces of furniture infused with elegance. It does not have to be expensive or huge.

For example, a coffee table always gives out an elegant vibe owing to its structure. It’s also beneficial to have one, particularly if you have a lot of guests coming to your apartment every day.

Go Nature’s Way

The presence of natural things in your abode is good for your health. If you’re a nature lover, then try putting up plants. The presence of plants will give your home a natural and warm vibe along with keeping the air inside clean by removing the toxic vapours.

Simplicity is the New Decor

It is a common thing that people who live in apartments are always struggling with spaces. Even if you own a premium apartment in Kolkata, they are designed with limited floor area. Hence, it’s difficult to store and sort your possessions, particularly bulky ones. Adding wall shelving can be beneficial. Also, it doesn’t have to be expensive. All you need are the right materials to make one.

The Bigger, The Better

Worry no more if you have a small room. To make it look bigger, try adding a big mirror inside your room. It’s suggested that you buy a floor length mirror which you can place in a spacious, open atmosphere. Adding dimension to your premium flat in Kolkata can also be done by putting a mirror near the window where it can catch some light. By doing so, make your room look bigger and broader.

Add a POP of Colour

Wall paints are inexpensive, yet makes a big difference to your apartment interior. Work smartly and come up with attractive wall colour combinations for a pop of hue on the blank wall. You can choose from an earthy tone to bolder hue for changing the overall feel of a room. A nice wash of colour is all you need to make a room look stunning and new.

Molding-ly Attractive

Normally, any luxury residential complex in Kolkata that you invest in provides you with bare walls. To amp up the story of the walls, consider adding molding to the baseboard, chair rail, or ceiling. Do not get the wrong idea when we say molding. It does not have to be gaudy or Victorian style, a simple and single-depth piece of molding will do the trick.


Buying new stuff or just repainting your home to make it look beautiful can be a great deal of fun. However, you can also stick to what the experts have to say. If you have the budget, consult your local architect or someone with in-depth knowledge about interior design.

Give your house the look that you want to see by paying attention to the way you design and enhance your humble abode. This way, you can make your premium flat in Kolkata significantly look more attractive along with treating yourself with your dream abode.

Security Features you Must Consider While Booking Your Apartment

Summary: The modern security features not only ensure you a safe and secured life, but also offer you a hassle free living. So, if you are buying a property, make sure that the apartment has these security features.

More than the aesthetics and amenities, a home buying decision should be determined mostly by the security features. With the growing threats of crime in the urban areas, having top-notch security features in the apartment is quite mandatory.  While most of the times, the quotes of the apartment mostly depend on the magnificence of the amenities, safety and security of the home are often ignored.   Here’s a look into the security features that a residential apartment must possess.  Nowadays, the smart 2 BHK apartments in Rajarhat New Town are coming up with several top-of-the-line security features.

Card Access System
These offer a top-notch security. Unlike any traditional security measure, these access cards can store information of residents as well as the visitors who enter and exit the building. All these features make card access systems worth installing. These are totally programmed to restrict the unlawful entrance to any place in the building premises. What’s more! This exclusive card access system also keeps a track of the residents coming inside or going out.  Many gated communities are using video surveillance systems in conjunction with card access system, to keep a close vigilance over the building premises. Many a times, the  access cards are also integrated with photo-ID cards for employees on a large property.

Advanced Key Control System
For the highest level of security to your residential property,  this is quite useful .What’s interesting  about this is  that if the key  is lost or damaged, the details can be deleted from the server without much hassle.  This way you can  avoid the threats of intrusion and burglary to a large extent. These are ideal for multi residential properties as it contains the codes of all the residents using it. At the same time they are password protected.

Security Gates
Security gates are the most common high-profile access control system recently. Gone are the days when security guards used to protect the building from unnecessary intrusions. Today, these are found in most of the gated communities as they offer top-notch and customizable security level. They also offer real-time insight into the surrounding areas of your residential property.

Security Locking
Heavy-duty security locks are also quite popular in the recent times. It comes with strike-plates with screws and doorjamb reinforcement plates, which prevent the unlawful intrusion in the flat. Also, check out if the developer is providing anti-slide and anti-lift features in the window frames itself.  The only reason to equip these security locks is to ensure that no incidents of forced entry ever happen.

Today, the security of the homeowners is certainly at stake considering increasing number of crimes in the city. Quite obviously, installing the state-of the-art security features in the residential units is extremely important. And, for the modern homeowners, having a secured home is also important.