Why One Rajarhat is One of the Best Gated Residential Projects in Rajarhat?

Is it true that One Rajarhat, a residential project in Rajarhat, Newtown, is shaping up to provide home buyers with a refined lifestyle?

Most of us have the lurking desire to spend days amidst a stunning milieu, cocooned in luxury backed by new-age facilities. And it takes creative minds to provide a home with such features and more. Understanding this requirement or the desire of homebuyers, Anik Industries decided to come up with One Rajarhat- a grand gated residential project in Newtown, Rajarhat.

Built on modern, compact idea to bring comfort, sophistication and functionality under one roof, One Rajarhat is the perfect place to lead an urban lifestyle.

However, as a rational home buyer, rather than believing our claims straight away, you’ll probably want to know more about the project. After all, what are those features that make it one of the best residential complexes near Kolkata airport? Here we go.


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One Rajarhat- A Luxury Gated Community in the Smart City

Become a part of a residential project with royal vibes to experience an enriching lifestyle. Representing the sheer lavish image of the city encapsulated in each apartment, One Rajarhat with flats for sale in Rajarhat will provide you with a lifestyle far from ordinary.

When it comes to getting a home backed by locational advantages, One Rajarhat with 1, 2, 3 and 4 BHK luxurious flats for sale in Rajarhat excels in it. Embracing unmatched connectivity with different forms of transportation like the road and the upcoming metro link, the project is sure to simplify your daily travelling affair with ease. Precisely speaking, the project is shaping up to develop easy connectivity via Noapara and Dum Dum metro stations that will make travelling to the other parts of the city easy. Are you a busy individual travelling to different places around the world for work? One Rajarhat, the residential complex near Kolkata airport, will leave you sorted in this regards as well.

Continuing with the Benefits…

This luxury residential project in Kolkata is surrounded by commercial facilities as well. Get access to renowned hospitals, distinguished educational institutions, business zones and popular entertainment centres that will present you a well-rounded lifestyle not just within the project premises but outside as well.


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Apartments for the Lifestyle You Deserve

Something that will garner your attention apart from the project connectivity is apartments defined by minimalistic elegance. Apart from providing you with luxurious living spaces, One Rajarhat will also provide you with service apartments, a rare feature found in other projects.

Come home to 3 and 4BHK luxurious residences in Newtown, Rajarhat, touching the zenith of excellence in terms of quality of homes, extravagance and style. This grand residential complex will provide the residents with a plush living experience within the posh apartments which are shaping up to architectural spectacle.

Moreover, the presence of 1, 2 and 3BHK service apartments is advantageous for NRIs or business-minded investors. With just a few meters away from the airport, experience the home-like environment with the right amount of comfort and convenience. What’s more? You’ll get all these starting from 70 lakhs onwards, thereby not breaking your bank!

Amenities & Facilities for Higher Quality of Living

Live life the King size at One Rajarhat, which is also the hub of grand amenities and facilities. This residential complex near Kolkata consists of features divided into clubhouse facilities and complex amenities for a living experience like never before. At One Rajarhat, experience the benefits of features like:

Club House Facilities

  • Jogging & walking track
  • Banquet hall cum badminton court
  • Yoga/meditation area
  • Massage/spa room
  • Infinity swimming pool
  • Convenience Store
  • TT, Pool and Snooker Table Room
  • Library
  • Table Tennis
  • Kids Multi-Game Court
  • Toddlers Play Area
  • Imperial Sky Lounge

Complex Amenities

  • Grand Air Conditioned ground floor lobbies
  • Smart Card Access System
  • Facility Management System
  • Landscaped gardens, etc.

With such advanced features at every nook and cranny, be sure to get perfection everywhere. With flats for sale in Rajarhat, One Rajarhat located in the smart city will blend the best of features for a living that can never be the same.

Pros and Cons of Living Near the Airport

One of the places that crosses our mind when we talk about the premium flats in Kolkata,  is definitely the area around the airport. Lately, there’s been quite a growth in the real estate sector.  A number of  high-end luxury  flats and  apartments  have come  up  in  this  region.  Moreover, with the rapidly growing pace of civic conveniences, real estate developers are taking interest in this area.  No doubt, the area near airport has become the home to a number of finest and most luxurious apartments of the city.

But, the question is whether it’s a wise investment? To find the answer, we have to dig both the pros and cons of living in this area.

Basically there are plenty of preconceived notions about living in the areas close to the airport, which is why the area remained ignored by most of the real estate owners. However, there scenario is changing pretty fast. Increase in knowledge and awareness among the end users has created a favourable environment for the city’s real estate developers who have started focusing on the areas close to the airport. But, let us not jump to any conclusion. A better way is to weigh the pros and cons and take the final decision.

Pros of Buying Flats Near Airport in Kolkata

  • Advantage for Frequent Fliers – This point hardly requires an elaboration. Staying near the airport cuts down the total journey time to and from the airport as well as on the cost associated with the journey. Any frequent flier will love to own a flat near the airport considering the ease of journey. And if you happen to be one, then there is no better deal available for you.
  • Better lifestyle – As mentioned earlier the high-end premium flats near airport are designed for the up-scale people having finer taste and prefer a good lifestyle. Over the past few years, there’s been a surge of home buyers in this area. With the number of residents increasing rapidly, a number of premium shopping malls, various stores and entertainment centres start coming up close to these flats. As a result, you can have easy access to the civic conveniences which are otherwise unavailable if you live in the suburban area.
  • Higher resale value – Who would not think of good deal of profit especially when it is a real estate investment? From this perspective, a flat near the airport certainly offers a great resale value than the flats in other areas of Kolkata. Depending upon the location, the various parts close to the airport are growing in demand and thus the real estate property values are soaring high in the airport region. So, it can be easily perceived that if you ever need to sell out your flat, rest assured, you should find a great deal.

Cons of staying near the airport in Kolkata

  • A Slightly High Price – With NRIs and HNIs investing generously in the premium flats of the region, it does not come as a surprise that the prices of these flats are skyrocketing. You will probably be paying quite a steep price for buying a flat in the region. However, there’s always a chance to earn it all back while reselling it.
  • Health hazard – You will need to endure the noise of airplane if you are staying too near the airport. The noise can sometimes cause hearing issues. Choosing a property in close vicinity but not very close to the airport sorts out this problem.

What to do as customer?

As a potential buyer you should make sure that you are choosing the right location or paying the right price. Try to get some authentic information from internet as well as from your acquaintances before making any investment.