Five Facilities That Are a Must in a Premium Apartment

Keyword: upcoming residential projects in Rajarhat.

The transfer orders were despatched and Ram and Berry would be soon moving to Kolkata. It was time to call Kolkata home. Shiv, a friend from Kolkata told them that the city was going through a dynamic growth and Rajarhat would be the ideal location to buy a property in. Both Ram and Berry were accustomed to living in the lap of luxury in their Delhi apartment and expected the same here in Rajarhat, Kolkata. They were very picky and wanted their premium apartment to have some premium facilities.

The next day Shiv sent links of luxurious upcoming residential projects in Rajarhat deemed best in the area and the two sat browsing through the amenities. They looked fantastic and at par with Delhi properties, however, some really stood out. But they knew just what they were looking for.

Multiple Recreational Activities

A Multi-Activity Gym was a prime attraction and one of the properties had a state-of-the-art Multi Gym. Trainer support on how to operate latest equipments was what caught their attention. A leisure swim in the pool after a fully packed work out, a jog or a smash at the Table Tennis table were enough to make Ram’s day.

Intercom Facility for the Entire Complex

While living in Delhi in the huge apartment complex, where there were close to two thousand flats, Berry had realised the importance of the intercom facility that covered the entire complex. There was always some event coming up and she needed to communicate with her huge social circle. She thanked the intercom facility for closing down her immense world to just a call away. This was one amenity that Berry could never compromise on.

Automatic High Speed Elevators

Rush hours knew no slugging and especially when Ram was in a hurry to reach office on time. He was a man for whom the world revolved with the clock and automatic high speed elevators was a must-have facility. Large spacious mirrored elevators which glided like a breeze chided happy beginnings to a day and a feeling of flying atop in the evenings. He loved to experience this almost beam up and down sensation and ensured that the property he’d buy at Kolkata didn’t miss this facility.

Yoga/Meditation Area

Both Ram and Berry loved spending time together and their latest fad for the past six months had been yoga and meditation. They couldn’t believe that the new property in Kolkata could read their minds. This is one facility they missed in their Delhi house and had to go elsewhere to pursue their fondness for meditation and yoga. In fact, they were also looking for trained instructors who would lead their yoga and meditation classes. How splendid! This was just perfect, they thought.


Both of them loved reading. Their house in Delhi was loaded with books and a room was dedicated to mostly fiction and a bit of non-fiction. Leaving those books behind was heartbreaking. But there was no need to worry. The new property had a sprawling library enough to spoil the two book lovers. And why not in a place like Kolkata you couldn’t expect anything less!

The couple decided to go ahead with booking their new home at One Rajarhat. The property would be ready soon and they looked forward to a great stay there. [The property will be ready in Jun 2020. Reword the ending and starting of the blog.]One Rajarhat is a luxurious property that promises to provide world-class living experience to all. So, wait no more, just like Ram and Berry – Be the ONE to Stay at ONE!

Summary: Rajarhat is a place that is fully equipped with all the modern facilities. Some flats here are at par with international standards and offer superior quality of life.