The Perks of Staying Close to Malls

Getting an apartment is often the first choice of most of the people looking for investment in real estate sector. But, you must get it right. Several factors come into play while making a decision and location of the property is one of them. To a large extent, the profitability of your investment depends on the location of your property. That’s why an urbanized area having all sorts of civic amenities is always preferred.

Nowadays, there’s a growing tendency among the home buyers to invest in a property close to shopping malls. It’s indeed a great idea, considering the many different advantages offered by such a location. Let’s take a look why the properties near shopping malls are in high demand.

  1. Access to Entertainment and Recreational Facilities

The area close to shopping malls boasts of a plethora of amenities including recreational facilities galore. With plenty of convenient amenities, malls are becoming a lot more than simply a shopping center. Nowadays, it is a complete entertainment hub where people can chill out and have fun. If you are staying close to the popular shopping malls in the city, you don’t have to travel far for your daily dose of entertainment.





2. Living at the heart of the city

Mostly shopping malls are located at the heart of the city. So, by staying near shopping malls you are actually staying at the center of activity. Basically, your apartment near a shopping mall keeps you close to the most happening part of the city with schools, main road, business centers etc.

3. No Problem with Public Transportation

As mentioned earlier, an apartment near shopping malls keep you right at the heart of the city. Quite obviously, in such a location, you do not have to deal with transportation problems. Such areas remain well connected by transport and communication networks. In Kolkata, the flats near City Centre 2 are in high demand as they are situated in a strategic location. The region is so well connected with rest of the city that you can seamlessly travel across the city whenever it is required.

4. Access to products and items that are exclusively available inshopping malls:

There are certain products which are essentially available in the signature stores. For example, some premium brands of soaps and shampoos are not available in small local store. You have to go the brand’s signature store to buy these. But, with a shopping mall close to your space, you do not need to go far to procure that product right from the mall itself. And the whole experience is fast and comfortable.

Last but not the least, a flat near shopping mall generally gets a high resale value. A world of convenience right within a few minute’s access certainly makes your lifestyle seamless and stress-free. No doubt, the upcoming flats of Rajarhat, especially the ones close to City Centre 2 attract higher sale value.