Cute Ideas To Make Your Premium Home More Pet-Friendly

Do you have a cat or a dog or any other form of a pet at home? Having a pet is nothing less than having a child in your house. They smile with their eyes, laugh with their jumps and love with their hearts. However, just as your child wandering around in the house might get them hurt, your pet can also run into some trouble at home if enough safety measures are not taken to protect them.

Pets, especially dogs and cats are naturally curious. They have the habit of snooping around which might accidentally hurt them and of course, you’ll not want that to happen. Hence, make your house pet-friendly in order to keep them safe. So, while following experts’ suggestions to decorate your premium apartment look more attractive, you should also make your rooms safe and friendly for your pets. Here are the tips that you can incorporate to protect your pets and keep them away from any sort of danger.

Tips to Keep Your Home Pet-Friendly

How To Make Your Home Pet-Friendly
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Store Items High

Products like medications or cleans which are high on chemicals should be stored on high shelves as consuming such products will prove to be extremely dangerous for them.

Childproof latches

When it comes to using latches on kitchen and bathroom cupboards, use the childproof ones. The measure will prevent your pet from getting eatables and chemicals that might harm them.

How To Make Your Home Pet-Friendly
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Keep Garbage Can Covered

Cover the garbage and, if possible, store them in an enclosed area or outdoors. Garbage cans are mainly used for collecting old food, hazardous chemicals, and small indigestible pieces of scrap, all of which can harm your pet.

Use Blockades

Usually, out of curiosity, pets tend to get trapped behind large units and get affected by the heat emitting from the appliances. To prevent such situations, put up blockades behind appliances like washing machines, dryers, refrigerators or air conditioning units.

Keep Toilet Lid Closed

It is best to keep the toilet lid closed to prevent small animals from drowning and to prevent your pet from drinking out of the bowl as they might get exposed to all sorts of harmful chemicals and germs.

House plants
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Fatal House Plants

When it comes to bringing a house plant, avoid the ones that are sure to harm your pet. Traditional houseplants that are dangerous for your pet are Lilies, Azaleas, Oleander, Tulips, Yew, Chrysanthemum, English Ivy, and many more. Hence, do proper research. Get a plant that will not cause your furry friend any harm.

Avoid Dangling Wires

Eliminate the presence of dangling wires from lamps, gaming systems, TVs, stereos, etc. as if your pet chews them, it might get hurt or suffer from health hazard.

Strings & Threads

Keep strings and threads at bay. Your pet should not step inside the sewing room due to the presence of strings, threads and needle. It is easy for a cat to choke on some thread while playing with it.

Pet-friendly Toys
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Healthy Chew Toys

Give your dog, especially puppies, a few things to chew on. You can provide them with durable toys, hooves, snouts or some other dog-friendly chewing snack. However, it is equally important to remember that these items should not pose a choking hazard; hence do proper research on your end before leaving them with your pet.

Scratch Pads

Are you witnessing scratch marks on your couch or doors? If you have a cat, this is a common thing that you’ll come across. Hence, provide your cat with scratch pads or set up a scratching post so that they can have a proper place to scratch without destroying anything.

Having a clear idea as to how to make your home pet-friendly is probably the best way to make sure that your pets stay healthy. It also means that apart from keeping your pet away from harmful stuff, it is necessary to give them good things to distract and entertain them. Give your dogs something harmless to chew on and your cats a proper area for scratching. Finally, remember a safe environment is also a clean environment for your pet.

What are the Prime Benefits of Living At Newtown – Rajarhat Area?

Rajarhat is becoming a hub of residential projects and there are some legitimate reasons behind this development. Even though Rajarhat is a part of greater Kolkata, it looks nothing like one. The infrastructural development in this region has added a touch of elegance, thereby attracting various developers to come up with modern residential projects. The presence of a plethora of modern facilities and amenities will provide home buyers with a lifestyle cocooned in style and comfort. Of all the regions in Kolkata, flats in Newtown and Rajarhat area are meticulous and well-planned, thereby addressing the requirements of modern property buyers. Hence, what are the advantages of living in Newtown? Let’s delve into the blog to learn more about the benefits.

The Many Benefits of Owning a Flat in Newtown

Luxurious flats with contemporary design
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Contemporary Apartment Features

The presence of modern living spaces or flats in a particular region automatically enhances your standard of living. The presence of modern residential projects will provide you with stunning flats in Newtown, Rajarhat area with awestruck features. Most of the apartments are aesthetically planned, defined by friendly layout and floor plans with easy access to hall, kitchen and balcony. You can also add a touch of your personality to your home by incorporating interior design, thereby making the space uniquely yours. Apart from that, the apartments are spacious since most of them are open on 3-4 sides. The apartments are Vaastu compliant as well, thereby attracting positive vibes to your home.

Amenities & Facilities- All Under One Roof

What’s the point of investing in a residential project lacking key facilities and amenities that will make daily living smooth? It will prove your investment (both time and money) futile and will definitely not leave you with any benefits. In other words, these two elements complete every residential project and add a dose of ease to your lifestyle. The flats in Newtown, Rajarhat are excellent in this regard. Most of the residential projects in Newtown and Rajarhat are outfitted with an excellent set of facilities and amenities, thereby taking the dose of advantages up a notch. You’ll come across features like spa room, jogging track, library, imperial sky lounge, toddler’s play area, hi-tech gym, etc. that will help you to lead a luxurious lifestyle with good memories and happy days.

Additionally, there are developers who will promise you a long list of facilities and amenities but ultimately fail to provide the same upon completion. Hence, if you intend to enjoy the benefits of these two elements, go through the proposed set amenities and facilities and understand whether it is achievable or not. Invest in one that looks promising and where you’ll be able to experience a better standard of living.

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Location Benefits of Flats in Rajarhat

Locational Features

Checking out the locational features of a particular project is equally important. No matter which project you are owning an apartment in, make sure that it is well connected by different modes of transportation along with maintaining a closeness to landmark facilities in that region. With flats in Newtown, Rajarhat, experience the benefit of travelling to different parts of the city with ease via different modes of transportation. What’s more? If you are a frequent flyer, the region being close to the airport will solve this issue as well. For example, One Rajarhat by Anik Industries Limited is well connected by different modes of transportation. This project is close to commercial facilities as well, thereby making sure to provide the residents with a well-rounded lifestyle. Hence, with a home in Newtown, treat yourself with great locational features.

So why will you buy flats in Newtown, Kolkata? Because in a nutshell, the region will provide you with luxurious homes for a comfortable stay along with the benefits mentioned previously.