Small Steps To Make Your Home Environment-Friendly: Few Tips

Isn’t it great to see that people all across the world are getting more and more environmentally conscious with each passing day? The effects of global warming have made everybody conscious of how important it is to respect Mother Nature. And yes, there are tons of perks of being eco-friendly. Reforming your current habits to eco-friendly ones, not only helps you to maintain a sustainable environment but also helps you save money as well. Hence, familiarise yourself with different ways to make your home eco-friendly by adopting energy efficient ways for a better tomorrow.

Guide to Make Your Home Environmental Friendly

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Water – Get Serious About It!
The word ‘sustainability’ does not necessarily mean that it has to be related to energy consumption. Eco-friendly means taking a holistic approach which should start from saving water. In residential apartments, mainly ground waters are used. But in Kolkata the level of groundwater is declining sharply, leaving the people and the government worried. Check whether there are any leaks or not. If you come across one, fix it immediately. Additionally, bring about lifestyle changes that will save water. For example, you brush your teeth, do not keep the tap open, thereby wasting water. You can also install a low-flow shower-head which can help you save up to 160,000 liters of water in a year for a family of four.

Smart Meters For Environment-friendly homes
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Smart Meter- Go For It!
Living in a premium area like NewTown-Rajarhat has definitely many benefits, like un-disrupted electricity, 24×7 water supply, good transport infrastructure etc. But that doesn’t mean you should waste or misuse resources like electricity. The heating of your appliances is one of the biggest ways of using energy. Additionally, this consumption of energy increases during the winter months when we tend to use a heater and leave it on for longer than required. It ultimately leads to both a waste of energy and money. Hence, install a smart meter that you can program in such a way so that it only turns on at certain times of the day. Smart meters are a must for anyone looking to lessen their carbon footprint and reduce their energy bills.

LED Bulbs For Environment-friendly homes
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Light Bulbs that are Energy-Efficient
To save even more electricity, use a light bulb that is energy efficient. It is one of the most important things to indulge in if you are planning to make your home eco-friendly. The efficient CFLs are better alternatives to older, incandescent bulbs. But the best way is to use LED bulbs.

Cleaning Products – Go Organic!
Most of the cleaning products available in the market use chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Eventually, you put them into the water supply when you wash them away. Ideally, it means that the water will take more time for purification before it is safe to be used again. However, for day-to-day cleaning, natural products like vinegar, citric acid and bicarbonate of soda can be used in place of erosive chemicals, with great effect.

Compost- Create Your Own
If you are planning to go all eco-friendly, convert your kitchen scraps and leftover food into compost. You’ll be surprised to learn that the huge amount of food that you throw away can be recycled and turned into compost. All you have to do it keep a compost bin in your garden and fill it with any food waste. From this, you can create fertilizer to grow your plants in your balcony. So you are saving money along with preventing the usage of chemical fertilizers.

Solar Panels For Environment-friendly homes
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Solar Panels- Do Not Forget to Install Them
For an environmentally friendly home, solar panels are an essential feature. Apart from providing you with clean energy, they can also make enough energy thereby enabling you to send some back to the grid. Solar panels are undoubtedly a long-term investment and it takes around 20 years to break depending on where you live. If you live in your own house then you can install solar panels on the roof. And if you have an apartment in a residential complex, then you can mount one or two panels vertically on the balcony.

Cook Intelligently
Let’s get smarter in the kitchen to make your home far more eco-friendly. For example, if you open the oven door while cooking, you tend to lose a huge amount of energy. Hence, make sure that you cook intelligently in the kitchen while presenting others with delicious dishes.

Now that’s quite a lot of tips. We are sure you are doing your bit too in building an eco-friendly world. What’s your idea of making your home eco-friendly? Share your ideas with us and other readers that will make the Earth a better place to stay.