Premium Apartments At One Rajarhat: The New Heartbeat of Kolkata

Very few regions have the power to arrest the beating heart and wonderment of the city of joy Kolkata as such places embrace a seamless blend of nature along with modern facilities for a lifestyle of your dreams. Rajarhat as a location has mastered the skill. It is a region that nestles Mother Nature along with commercial facilities that is required for a well-rounded lifestyle. With smooth stretches of road accompanied by surroundings decorated with fountains and lightings, Newtown, Rajarhat has become an impressive place for buying luxury apartments in Kolkata. Hence, the birth of One Rajarhat – a residential project redefining the concept of a well-rounded lifestyle with a blend of luxury, comfort and style.

What bestows One Rajarhat with the tagline – The New Heartbeat of Kolkata? Away from the maddening cacophony of the urban region, One Rajarhat is waiting to welcome you amidst a milieu defined by the freshness of nature, opulence, and convenience. Immerse yourself in Kolkata’s rich culture and history along with the blend of modernity at One Rajarhat- a destination unfurling the true essence of the City of Joy.

Luxury Residential Projects in Kolkata

One Rajarhat – a Destination with Palatial Apartments Adorned by Nature’s Tune

Let your heart beat in the newfound tune of nature at One Rajarhat for that number #1 lifestyle that you’ve been waiting to experience. Find yourself in a picturesque cityscape with luxurious flats for sale in Newtown, Rajarhat having the best connectivity and functionality options.

To start with, One Rajarhat, a residential project with luxurious apartments in Kolkata is being constructed under the aegis of the renowned Anik Industries Limited. Set in an ever-changing place that always feels innovative, namely Newtown, the project embraces exceptional connectivity via different modes of transportation for an easy traveling affair. In fact, one can travel to any part of the city from this region without any hindrance on a daily basis. What’s more? These premium service apartments are close to the airport, thereby providing an extra perk to all you frequent flyers.

To take things a notch higher and simpler, One Rajarhat is surrounded by commercial facilities to gift you with a well-rounded luxury lifestyle, not just within the project premise but outside as well. The region consists of notable educational centers, popular entertainment spots, landmark restaurants, quaint cafes and many more. Hence, from the very description, you can probably fathom how life will be at One Rajarhat, that too away from the stressful noise and pollution.

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What’s more in the One Rajarhat Store?

Having a home at One Rajarhat is unique in itself. It is almost like owning a fashion house reflecting the best edit of Kolkata. Furthermore, with the presence of serviced apartments, one can feel at home with ease. The 1, 2, 3 and 4 BHK luxury apartments in Kolkata under One Rajarhat are defined by contemporary facilities infused with sophistication to create never-before-seen experiences for the future residents. With some interior decorator ideas from experts and meticulously crafted interior with high-specification materials of unparalleled quality, you will feel an elevated lifestyle in this landmark address.

That’s not where it all ends!

One Rajarhat comes with its service apartments. Located in the hotel hub of the city, the modernity of these apartments are balanced by the natural surrounding for an upscale lifestyle. Residents and guests will be welcomed into a space filled with grandeur and comfort. Not just that, these spaces are great for business-minded investors who can convert it into offices, guest houses, wellness center or studios.

Luxurious Residential Complex in Kolkata

Wrapping it Up with an Amazing Collection of Amenities & Facilities

The new heartbeat of Kolkata is a natural home for contemporary luxury. With an excellent set of facilities and amenities, hobnob with royalty with these premium flats for sale in Newtown, Rajarhat. Gift yourself with days filled with happiness, smiles, good health and happy memories with facilities and amenities like:

Club House Facilities

  • Jogging & walking track
  • Yoga/meditation area
  • Banquet hall cum badminton court
  • Infinity swimming pool
  • Massage/spa room
  • TT, Pool and Snooker Table Room
  • Library
  • Table Tennis
  • Convenience Store
  • Toddlers Play Area
  • Kids Multi-Game Court

Complex Amenities

  • Grand Air Conditioned ground floor lobbies
  • Fire fighting arrangement and extinguishers
  • Facility Management System
  • Smart Card Access System
  • Landscaped gardens, etc.
  • Imperial Sky Lounge

So, does One Rajarhat qualify as the New Heartbeat Kolkata? Absolutely!

With a string of best in class facilities under one roof along with changing the skyline of the city without hurting the city soul, One Rajarhat is the ultimate destination for an abode where you can cocoon away in comfort. We bet, with these premium apartments in Kolkata, your lifestyle will never look, feel or be the same.

Luxury Apartments in Kolkata – Where One Rajarhat Stands Out?

Do you wish to live your days cocooned in pure luxury amidst a stunning milieu and classy set of facilities? It is about time to start it with the One Rajarhat by Anik Industries. A masterpiece positioned in the smart city of New Town, Rajarhat, One Rajarhat with luxury apartments in Kolkata is perfect for those who seek a perfect blend of sophistication and functionality under one roof.

However, as a rational individual, you’ll probably want to know more about the residential project with premium apartments in Kolkata before stepping into it. Hence, in this write-up, let us tell you how the 2 and3 BHK flats in One Rajarhat can give you the number #1 lifestyle that you are aspiring for.

One Rajarhat - upcoming luxurious residential complex in Kolkata

One Rajarhat- the Crème De La Crème in the Smart City

Trust us when we say that these luxury apartments embody the sheer lavish image of the city in form of a residential project. One Rajarhat will bring a seamless blend of ultra-luxury features, thereby enabling you to hobnob with royalty.

To start with, One Rajarhat with 1, 2, 3 and 4 BHK luxurious apartments in Kolkata nestles the efficiency of connectivity and transportation. This project surrounded by the lush foliage of contemporary facilities will allow an individual to travel any part of the city with ease. Embracing a smooth connectivity via road and the upcoming metro located just across the road, One Rajarhat will make your daily travelling story an easy affair. To make things simpler, these luxury apartments in Kolkata has carved out the path to develop an easy connectivity by Noapara and Dum Dum metro stations. As a bonus, it is also close to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport which is beneficial for frequent flyers.

However, that’s not where the story ends!

With 2BHK flats in New Town, Kolkata, One Rajarhat is surrounded by commercial facilities as well. With presence of renowned hospitals, distinguished educational institutions, business zones and popular entertainment centers, One Rajarhat will make sure to provide individuals with a well-rounded lifestyle not just within the project premise but outside as well.

2,3.4 BHK Flats in Newtown, Kolkata

Apartments Infused with Grandeur

Something that will catch your eyes apart from the project connectivity is apartments which mirror suaveness. One Rajarhat will not only provide you withluxurious flats in Kolkata but service apartments as well, which is a rare feature in other projects.

One Rajarhat is designed to come with 1, 2 and 3 BHK service apartment along with 3 and 4 BHK luxurious residences in New Town. Crossing the benchmark in terms of quality of homes, this upcoming premium residential project has touched the apex of extravagance and style in their apartments, which is a strong point among the reasons which makes purchasing premium segment apartment a wise decision. This upscale residential complex will provide the residents with an elite living experience owing to the classy apartments infused with an edgy architectural layout.

Moreover, the presence of service apartments is beneficial for NRIs or business minded investors. Being close to the airport, one can feel at home and taste the essence of comfort and convenience. Guess what? You’ll get all these starting from 70 lakhs onwards, thereby not breaking your bank!

Luxurious residential projects with club facilities

Refined Set of Amenities & Facilities

Feel at the top of the world with these luxury homes in Kolkata which has a plethora of facilities and amenities, allowing you to taste the flavour of healthy along with luxury living. These features are divided into clubhouse facilities and complex amenities for a sty like never before. With One Rajarhat, get your hands on these features.

Club House Facilities

  • Jogging & walking track- the dose of fitness
  • Yoga/meditation area- to calm your mind
  • Banquet hall cum badminton court- to treat yourself with a good time
  • Infinity swimming pool- de-stress yourself in the curls of water
  • Massage/spa room- for some self-pampering session
  • TT, Pool and Snooker Table Room- for a casual games among friends
  • Library- for some good reading sessions
  • Table Tennis- for that quick match
  • Convenience Store- for your daily grocery needs
  • Toddlers Play Area- a space for your little ones to enjoy
  • Kids Multi-Game Court- to encourage games and activity
  • Imperial Sky Lounge- a place for quality time beneath the star

Complex Amenities

  • Grand Air Conditioned ground floor lobbies
  • State-of-the-art fire fighting arrangement and extinguishers
  • Facility Management System
  • Smart Card Access System
  • Landscaped gardens, etc.

With such revolutionary features in your hand, you can be assured of nothing less than perfection. With luxury apartments in Kolkata, One Rajarhat in the smart city will provide you with a lifestyle blending best-in-class features for a living that cannot be replicated.