Elegant Wall Colour Combinations For Luxurious Homes In Kolkata

While walls ‘do not have ears’, you can definitely add a dash of colour(s) to them to give your abode some life. Walls cover the major portion of your homes and colours play a pivotal role in the look of your home. The seamless blend of these elements gravitates you towards your dream home. Your emotions and your true self gets expressed through colours, and therefore, it is only fine to be demanding and particular in choosing the colour of your interior wall. More so, if you own luxury apartments in Kolkata.

However, it is not easy to choose a colour for your wall. Colours can either make your abode look spacious or break the space. Hence, while choosing colours, come up with combinations that will make your luxurious abode look like a masterpiece. Hence, here is a set of 8 killer wall colour combinations that you should try in 2019 for your home if you are staying in a luxury complex in Kolkata. Combined with these ideas for an exotic dining decor, these colour combination can make your home look way more gorgeous than you can imagine.

Wall Colour Combinations to Light-Up your Abode

luxurious home in Kolkata
Note: Images are for indicative purposes only. Actual product may differ from illustrations.

Go Pastel

Baby pink, soft mauve, and baby blue lack strong shade, which is why they are called pastel colours. Such colours blend well with each other and using them on the walls of your home will give a fresh look and feel to your abode. They will infuse your room interiors with a soft and soothing effect, thereby giving luxury houses in Kolkata a positive vibe. Such shades are apt for children’s room for that fun vibe.

luxurious home in Kolkata
Note: Images are for indicative purposes only. Actual product may differ from illustrations.

Powerful Purple and Gunmetal Grey

If you want to add a dash of boldness and sophistication to your home interior, a mix of purple with gunmetal grey is just what you need. A strong shade of purple combined with the neutral grey hue will give the walls of your living room a distinguished personality, speaks volume about your exquisite taste. This colour combination is becoming a new trend among people who are searching for flats for sale in Rajarhat.

luxurious home in Kolkata
Note: Images are for indicative purposes only. Actual product may differ from illustrations.

Delicate Pink and Turquoise

Soft pink combined with turquoise gives rise to a bold colour combination for your home interiors. The combination is perfect for luxurious houses in Kolkata since such walls will add a bright and lustrous look to your home. Furthermore, this versatile and exuberant colour combination will complement a plethora of designs, home decor, and furnishings in your home.

Rejuvenating Aquarium Blue and Grape

Give your premium flats in Kolkata a more premium look with playful and energetic vibe by combining the vibrant shades- aquarium blue and grape. The colours will surround any room with enthusiastic vibes, thereby adding life to the lifeless white walls. The combination has the potential to illuminate a lightless space in your home, thereby making it appealing for the guests/visitors. Aqua and grape are one of the best colour combinations for any room in your abode.

Dynamic Blue and Yellow

What will happen if you combine the colours blue and yellow on the walls of your home in a luxury residential complex in Kolkata? Probably something electrifying! Blue and yellow will give rise to a magnetic impression, thereby adding life to a dull space. When dramatic blue walls are balanced owing to the contrast from yellow, a relaxing sensation takes over your home. This dynamic combination is perfect for a study room as yellow increases the concentration level.

Subtle Orange with White

Orange signifies laughter and joy. White is the symbol of peace. When these two colours combine on one of the walls of your abode, it creates the perfect environment for a happy family. The innocence of white and the optimism of orange is the perfect combination for the walls of your bedroom. This is one of the most fascinating colour combinations for interior wall paint.

Classy Navy Blue & White

A kitchen needs to look spacious and should have the power to increase your appetite. With blue taking the main stage along with a touch of white, this blend is the most minimalistic interior wall paint colour combination. It is the perfect combination that will make the interior look edgy, clean and elegant, something that your kitchen needs to complete that look.

Smooth Cream & Aqua

Bring in some aqua blue and cream combination on the walls of your home interiors to spread a cool and breezy spirit in your home. The combination will give rise to a beach-like vibe with aqua reflecting the sea and the dull cream representing the sand. It is perfect for the flats in luxury complexes in Kolkata and will create a relaxed and peaceful ambiance. So, this is a go-to interior wall colour combination, especially for the rooms reserved for the guests.

So, which colour combination is stealing your heart? If you ask us, we are drooling for all of them and don’t know which one to indulge in. However, if you have plans of owing luxury house in Kolkata, give these colour combinations a shot for a space to call ‘Home Sweet Home’.

One Rajarhat – Luxurious Service Apartments in Kolkata Near Airport

Imagine living your days engulfed in style, comfort, and luxury amidst a marvelous ambience blending a classy set of facilities. Sounds quite dreamy, right? While most of you will judge us and think we are harping on a far-fetched idea, we have a pleasant surprise for you. Open your doors to purchasing your dream apartment with One Rajarhat- a residential project redefining luxury by the expert touch of Anik Industries Limited. A gem set in the smart city Rajarhat, One Rajarhat with luxury service apartments in Kolkata is perfect if you want the right dose of savoir vivre and serviceability blending seamlessly under one roof.

With these words, a sense of excitement is (probably) running down your spine and curiosity has got triggered in your brain. If you are keen to acquire information catering to One Rajarhat where a new style of life is waiting for you, allow us to introduce you to the residential project with ultra luxury apartments where you can gift yourself “The One” lifestyle that you’ve been waiting to live.

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One Rajarhat- A Stellar Project with Ultra Luxury Apartments

Take your steps towards leading an elevated lifestyle that embodies nothing less than sheer extravagance with One Rajarhat. With ultra-luxury serviced apartments and up-to-date facilities, getting the chance to hobnob in this royally designed project will redefine your living standards.

To begin with, this grand project, One Rajarhat will provide you with 1, 2, 3 and 4 BHK ultra luxury apartments in Newtown, Kolkata churning out an unparalleled connectivity or transport route. Being encompassed by best in class contemporary facilities, as a resident, get the benefit to travel to any part of the city without any hindrance. Let us be precise in this case. Adding more points to the reasons why purchasing a premium segment apartment in Kolkata is a wise decision, One Rajarhat embraces connectivity via road and the upcoming metro located just across the road, thereby adding an edge to the game of traveling on a daily basis. What’s more? Apart from developing easy connectivity by Noapara and Dum Dum metro stations, the project is also close to the Kolkata Airport. Hence, it is an advantage *alert* for the frequent flyers.

Hold On! We have More in the Store.

These luxury flats in Kolkata is surrounded by commercial facilities as well. The project maintains proximity with notable hospitals, popular educational institutions, business zones, and well-known entertainment centers. Hence, we can deduce that One Rajarhat will make it a point to provide the residents with well-balanced days both inside and outside the project premise.

luxury service apartments in Kolkata

Apartments with a Touch of Splendour

Do you know what defines an ultra luxury apartment? A fine blend of architectural finesse and modern facilities along with an interior design with a burst of suaveness. With One Rajarhat, see these descriptions coming alive. Apart from providing luxury flats, the project will also provide serviced apartments in Kolkata near airport.

One Rajarhat is planned to provide luxurious apartments in Kolkata near airport. Going beyond the threshold, the project is attaining the peak of lavishness and style in their ultra luxury flats, thereby churning out the true flavour of residing in luxury residential projects.

Furthermore, the presence of serviced apartments near Kolkata airport has taken the value of this project a notch up. It is especially great for business-minded investors who are always on the run and indulge in frequent traveling. Hence, the closeness of such apartments to the airport is a great way to make one feel at home with the presence of comfort and convenience at every corner. What’s more? You’ll get all these features starting from 70 lakhs onwards, thereby not burning your pocket!

luxury residential projects in kolkata

Opulence Set of Amenities & Facilities

Feel nothing less than living a royal lifestyle with these ultra-luxury apartments in Kolkata. With crème de la crème set of facilities and amenities, treat yourself with a living worth the investment. With features divided into clubhouse facilities and residential amenities, at One Rajarhat you will get all the advantages of investing your money to a 3 BHK living place in Kolkata. Along with that you will get features like:

Club House Facilities

  • Jogging & walking track- the path to fitness
  • Yoga/meditation area – for a calm mind
  • Banquet hall cum badminton court – some deserved a good time
  • Infinity swimming pool- knockout stress in the ripples of water
  • Massage/spa room- self pampering is mandatory
  • TT, Pool and Snooker Table Room – for a memorable time with friends
  • Library – to increase the dose of knowledge
  • Table Tennis – since quick matches are fun
  • Convenience Store – can’t overlook daily grocery needs
  • Toddlers Play Area – where little ones can enjoy
  • Kids Multi-Game Court – to promote outdoor games
  • Imperial Sky Lounge- quality time beneath the stars

Complex Amenities

  • Grand Air Conditioned ground floor lobbies
  • Fire fighting arrangement and extinguishers
  • Facility Management System
  • Smart Card Access System
  • Landscaped gardens, etc.

With such innovative features within your reach, get a lifestyle with that much-needed perfection. With ultra luxury apartments in Newtown, Kolkata, One Rajarhat in this smart city is all about days being ruled by good memories and laughter that cannot be duplicated anywhere else.