How Luxury Apartments at One Rajarhat can Change Your Lifestyle?

An interplay of style, comfort and functionality define One Rajarhat with luxurious flats in Newtown, Kolkata.

When you look up the term ‘luxury’, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Probably a state of great comfort or elegance and it directly signifies the life that most of us wish to live. Hence, to fulfill this wish along with meeting other requirements, luxury apartments in Kolkata are being created by some of the best in class developers in the city.

However, taking what is observed as luxury up a notch, One Rajarhat will provide the buyers with features to welcome a well-rounded lifestyle. But how will this project bring about this change in a home buyer’s life? Let’s delve into the blog to familiarise ourselves with the project.

Luxury apartments in Kolkata

One Rajarhat- The Ultimate Place for New Home Cocooned in Comfort

Arresting the beating heart and the wonderment of the city, Kolkata, Newtown embraces a seamless blend of nature and modern facilities for a lifestyle like never before. And One Rajarhat is an architectural spectacle in itself backed by a sanctum of calmness, comfort and a welcoming oasis of luxury. From location to the interior of the apartments, these luxury apartments in Kolkata is giving all the good reasons for the home buyers to buy flats in Newtown, Rajarhat.

Flats in Newtown Rajarhat

The Perfect Location

Nestled in the heart of the city and providing the best edit of Kolkata, One Rajarhat will provide you the number one living experience like never before. Constructed by Anik Industries Limited, these luxurious flats in Newtown, Kolkata are surrounded by an environment that will greet you with smooth stretches of the road decorated with fountains and warm lightings. Apart from that, the pure essence of nature will keep you away from the typical cacophony of the city to relax your senses after a long hectic day.

What’s more?
One Rajarhat with its luxury apartments will make your lifestyle easier owing to the presence of renowned commercial facilities like schools, hospitals, shopping malls, etc. close to the project. Hence, enjoy the picturesque cityscape with the best of commercial facilities at your doorstep.

Residential Projects in Rajarhat Newtown

The Perfect Connectivity

One Rajarhat is so strategically positioned that one can travel from here to any part of the city with ease. With the objective to simplify your everyday traveling affair, the residential project with luxurious flats in Newtown – Rajarhat area is well connected by buses, cabs and other such modes of transportation. It is also close to the airport, thereby giving the frequent flyers with an extra reason to check out One Rajarhat.

Luxury homes in Kolkata

The Perfect Living Spaces

One Rajarhat is waiting to welcome you in a space defined by the freshness of nature, opulence, and convenience. Owning a home here is unique in itself. It is almost like owning a fashion house with comfort packed room and posh interiors made using cutting edge technology. Furthermore, with the presence of serviced apartments, One Rajarhat has also taken care of functionality quotient. The 1, 2, 3 and 4 BHK luxurious apartments at One Rajarhat meet all the conveniences of the modern-day to create never-before-seen experiences for its residents. Step inside this much-coveted address with meticulously crafted interior spaces to experience an elevated lifestyle.

Wrapping it Up with a Fine Selection of Amenities & Facilities

One Rajarhat – The New Heartbeat of Kolkata mirrors contemporary luxury. With an excellent set of facilities and amenities, hobnob with royalty at these stellar flats for sale in Newtown, Kolkata. Welcome days filled with smiles and happy memories with features like:

One Rajarhat Clubhouse

Club House Facilities

  • Infinity Swimming Pool
  • Banquet Hall cum Badminton Court
  • World Class Gymnasium
  • Massage/Spa Rooms
  • Steam/Sauna Room
  • Pool and Snooker Table Room
  • Library
  • Table Tennis Room
  • Yoga/Meditation Area
  • Convenience Store
  • Toddler’s Play Area
  • Kids Multi-Game Court
  • Jogging & Walking Track

Luxury Residential Projects in Kolkata

Complex Amenities

  • Grand Air Conditioned ground floor lobbies
  • Fire fighting arrangement and extinguishers
  • Facility Management System
  • Smart Card Access System
  • Landscaped gardens, etc.
  • Imperial Sky Lounge
  • Car Parking

In this way, you’ll get an upgraded lifestyle with One Rajarhat. With a series of best in class facilities under one roof, this luxurious residential complex is the ultimate destination unfurling the true essence of the City of Joy.

Facts & Myths about Buying Flats in Newtown, Kolkata

Most of us cringe when we think of buying a home or an apartment in Newtown. Why? We immediately start thinking of this region as a deserted place (almost) with minimal presence of commercial facilities. Probably, you’ll have to go far and wide to comes across a simple grocery store, a restaurant or even a health care centre. And speaking of transport facilities, the region is royally lacking in this aspect. All in all, even though Newtown boasts a plethora of residential projects, the surrounding is underdeveloped enough to make one think twice or even more before buying a residential project here. This is exactly what we believe, right?

However, do you know we are surrounded by myths? Hence, it is time to bust the myth. Newtown has changed. It is nothing like what it used to be about a few years back. Want to know what are the actual facts that define Newtown, Kolkata? Let us do the same right here, in this write-up!

Buying Flats in Newtown- Myths Busted!

Luxury Residential Projects in Kolkata
Disclaimer: Images Are For Representative Purpose only.

Myth: Newtown Lacks Commercial Facilities

Fact Says: Well, the fact says to get your facts clear. Newtown is no longer the town in Kolkata with no commercial facilities. In fact, starting from IT hubs to entertainment zones to the popular healthcare centers, everything is now available in this region. You’ll also come across small grocery shops to meet your daily requirements as well as departmental stores, thereby giving you options to choose from.

Myth: Newtown Lacks Good Connectivity

Fact Says: Newtown is well connected by different modes of transportation. If you are seeking buses, especially the AC ones, you have it here. You’ll also come across cabs and auto-rickshaws to travel nearby metro links. What’s more? Do you know it is close to the airport as well? Hence, buying flats in Newtown is a bonus for frequent flyers as well.

Myth: Flats in Newtown are Expensive

Fact Says: Sure, the residential projects in Newtown looks luxurious and polished, thereby giving us the vibe that they are expensive. However, that’s not the case with all the projects. While almost every project consists of necessary facilities and luxurious amenities, they cover a price range that is suitable for the middle-class/upper-middle-class section as well as the elite class.

Myth: The Apartments are Small & Congested

Fact Says: Not anymore. The apartments of Newtown projects use to consists of small, congested apartments. However, at present, most of the projects will provide the residents with spacious, Vaastu compliant apartments, thereby bringing comfort and positive vibe under one roof. Also, the project will provide you with apartments like 1BHK, 2BHK, 2.5BHK, 3BHK, 4BHK and some will also provide you with 5BHK apartments as well.

Myth: The Clubhouse Amenities are Boring & Common

Fact Says: Buy flats in Newtown and treat yourself with an interesting set of clubhouse amenities, catering to all age groups. Experience the joy of clubhouse amenities like jogging & walking track, yoga/meditation hall, swimming pool and many more.

Hence, now will you buy flats in Newtown, Kolkata? Regions like Newtown and Rajarhat is becoming a hub of residential project. They consist of all the features that will provide one with a well-rounded lifestyle defined by comfort, convenience and a bit of style as well.

Easy Interior Decoration Ideas for Kitchen in Premium Apartments

Do you love reading home decor magazines and wish for a real-life kitchen from those pages? Why not convert your kitchen into a masterpiece? We’ve got your back with some quick and easy decorating tips for your kitchen. After owning a premium apartment in Kolkata, you might feel the need for infusing your kitchen with a look nothing less than the ones that you see in the magazines. The best part is that these kitchen decorating ideas can mix and match beautifully — use one or a few together.

While earlier we have discussed the interior decoration ideas for your home, this time every update every nook and cranny of your kitchen with these makeover ideas, that will take your kitchen look fun yet elegant.

Kitchen Decoration Ideas to Take the Look from Tired to Inspired

Premium Flats in Kolkata
Image Source: Pexels

Shades of Gray or All White

If the kitchen of your 4BHK flat in Kolkata comes with a pale blue or dark grey wall, introduce a bright dishware collection that will add a new personality to your kitchen. Alternatively, let your kitchen embrace a monochromatic theme paired with framed prints and a wooden tray for that much-desired country feel.

Accent the Open Spaces

If you have an excellent collection of vintage dishes and cookbooks, decorate them on open shelves that will your kitchen look more inviting.

Play Stash and Hide

If your kitchen is lacking spaces, stash bulky appliances like stand mixers behind a sliding cabinet door. You can also opt for a faster solution whereby you can turn to good old baskets to hold and hide seasonal goodies like holiday cookie cutters or sprinkles.

Go for Stacked Shelving

Consider replacing the upper cabinets of your kitchen in a premium apartment in Kolkata with floating shelves to make the kitchen feel bigger and brighter.

Add Moody Hues

Do you know black adds a hint of posh style to any cooking space? However, for less stark effects but for an equally chic look, consider “almost black” colours that are vibrant and warm, like deep blues and cosy maroons.

Keep it Simple and Streamlined

Choose a modern lacquer — the sleek material comes with an array of bold colours, is super durable, and can remodel a traditional kitchen into a contemporary one.

Let's Juxtapose Materials
Image Source: Pexels

Let’s Juxtapose Materials

Incorporate multiple kinds of natural stone to your kitchen of 4BHK flat in Kolkata. Also, incorporate different shades of wood along with both matte and glossy surfaces for a custom look that’s not too matchy.

Back to Schoolhouse Charm

For a cheerful vibe, start with the two c’s: colour and chalkboard! Add stools in primary colours (giving out the kindergarten vibe) along with a memo board to leave notes can make a simple white kitchen feel fun.

Eye-Catching Tiles

Have fun with playfully patterned tiles in your kitchen to add a major “wow” factor in this space.

Painted Floors

Of all the kitchen paint trends, we are in love with this particular trick. Get hold of some painter’s tape plus some pretty colours and say goodbye to boring floors forever.

Painted Ceiling

We guess paint is the smartest and most efficient way to transform your kitchen. Hence, these pointers come back to back. Take the concept of painting to the next level by covering the ceiling. However, be sure to keep a few pieces of wall white to strike an even balance of colour.

Multitasking Pot Rack- the Savior

Let your copper cookware to steal the show. Mount a rack and sturdy metal hooks where you can hang the copper cookware. It creates a focal point in your kitchen and frees up precious cabinet space.

Can you imagine how pretty will your kitchen look now? You can mix and match these tricks that will change the entire look of your kitchen. While luxury apartments in Kolkata are believed to uplift our living standards, you can also add a touch of your personality to the living space to make it close to your heart.